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The end device in networking refers to the devices that form the interface between the human network and the underlying communication network. Examples of the end devices in networking includes the laptops, mobile hand held devices, security cameras, and the web servers.

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2014-08-22 22:53:38
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Q: What is an end device in networking?
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What is the difference between an end device and a networking device?

networking device is a software as well as hardware.but end device is a only a hardware.

What is the star network with an additional networking device connected to the main networking device?

hierarchical (extended) star topology

What is passive networking device?

Those networking devices ,which not require any type of power (electricity) are called passive networking device,like passive HUB ,its does't require any type of power for working.

What is the difference between communication device and communication media?

added device called networking

Device that forwards data on a network?

A router is a networking device that forwards data on a network.

What is integrated social networking?

integrated social networking is a social network such as facebook built into a device such as a blackberry

What type of networking device would allow the PCs to communicate?

A Router.

Which networking device main purpose is to segment collision domains?


Is a server an end device or an intermediary device?

A server Is an end device. A server, is innately is either a source or destination device, which is, by definition an end device

What does it mean for a wireless networking device to be Wi Fi compliant?

ifi compliant

What does a Transmission Transfer Protocol do?

it pass the data from one networking device to other

What are some examples of digital device sins?

A digital device sins is a specific operating system dedicated to maintain the device's networking capabilities. It is an integral component for any wireless device.

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