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An "entitlement program" is generally one for which an individual qualifies simply by virtue of his or her circumstances. For example, the Social Security law has several components, some of which are "entitlements" and some are not. The largest program, SS Retirement is NOT an entitlement as an individual qualifies for it only by virtue of having paid into the program at least forty quarters; Supplemental Security Income and Social Security Disabilities ARE entitlements because an individual is entitled to SSI simply by having a very low income and to SSD after being disabled for at least six months. Similarly, the largest portion of Medicare--health insurance of seniors--is NOT an "entitlement" as one qualifies by paying into the system and paying premiums. Medicaid and Temporary Assistance to Needy Families, on the other hand, ARE entitlements as qualification depends on a set of circumstances in which an individual may find himself. Unemployment Compensation is an insurance program paid by employers (and employees, who can elect to supplement UC)and is NOT an entitlement

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Q: What is an entitlement?
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How do you use 'entitlement' in a sentence?

Example sentence using the word 'entitlement': The 16-year-old thought the world owed him something because he had a strong sense of entitlement.

What is an example of entitlement failure?

Famine is an example of entitlement failure. A.K. Sen.

What do you have to do to a apply for the entitlement program?

There are lots of entitlement programs, many of which are administered by the States.

What is a good sentence for entitlement?

He had an entitlement to the wage increase after all of the years he had worked in the company.

An example of an entitlement is?

One example of an entitlement in the United States is Social Security. Other examples are food stamps, Medicare, and Medicaid. These are examples of federal entitlement programs.

What is a sentence using the word entitlement?

Please ask us for an application form to avoid losing entitlement. There was a massive increase in entitlement programs under the Great Society.

How do you use the word entitlement in a sentence?

A mother has entitlement to child support. Many people get entitlements from the government.

Example of an entitlement?

The definition of entitlement is the fact of having a right to something or the amount to which a person has a right. One example of an attitude of entitlement is when someone thinks that rules do not apply to them and they deserve special treatment. An entitlement is also a guarantee of access to something such as welfare benefits or other government programs.

An example of entitlement is?

An example of entitlement is freedom of speech in the United States. Freedom of speech is a right citizens are entitled to.

What holiday entitlement do care assistants get?

entitlement of holidys with pay for care assistanst is, 5.6 weeks per anum

Why is Medicaid an example of an entitlement program?

medicaid is an example of an entitlement program because it helps low-income people.

What is a spirit of entitlement?

Someone has a spirit of entitlement feels like everyone owes them. The person with an entitlement spirit usuallycomplains and is critical of others instead of being thankful. Thanksgiving is the cure for someone who has a spirit of entitlement. Counting your blessings, realizing your blessings and thankingGod is the answerforthe poison of the entitlement spirit. TheWord says to givethanks in allcircumstances. When we have an attitude of gratitude and walk in humility then wedont let this spirit of entitlement have access to ourthoughts and behaviors. Ifwe struggle with a critical spirit and have trouble forgiving then we might want to pray and ask God if we have a spirit of entitlement whereeverything revolves around me.

What does wage entitlement mean?

Wage Entitlement is when you get entitled to get a raise on you wage. A wage is when you get money or getting money on pay day.

Is social security an 'entitlement'?

were Since each wage earner puts money into the account, and it is matched by the employer, it is an entitlement. Just because Congress borrowed the money in the account does not mean it is not owed and due to all Americans.

How do i apply for entitlement money?

No I Can't

Is medicare an entitlement program?


What is an individuals entitlement with regard to holiday entitlement within the United Kingdom?

Whatever it says in your contract of employment - which by law, you must be given.

How do you apply for entitlement money?

There are numerous entitlement programs (none of which started under President Obama). Each has its own eligibility rules.

What is the percentage of race for entitlement program recipients?

Whites make up 65% of the population and receive 69% of all entitlement program dollars.

What is the biggest entitlement program?

Veterans administration.

Which one of the fcollowing is an example of an entitlement?


How many federal entitlement programs are there?


Is SSDI an example of federal entitlement?


When did entitlement programs start in the us?


Is freedom of speech entitlement?

The term entitlement generally refers to money to which people are for some reason entitled, rather than civil liberties to which they are entitled.