What is an escort?

An escort is a person accompanying others for an event, trip, or other occasion. They may also provide security for the escorted individuals.

Example : "A parent was assigned as an escort for the class field trip."

As slang; escort may also be short for paid escort or prostitute.

An escort is a person who accompanies another, usually for their protection. It can also refer to an aircraft, ship or vehicle that is in a protective role.

The verb "to escort" means "to go along with." An escort can be someone (or a group of people) who accompanies another to maintain an appearance of propriety ("The Victorian girl would never meet a young man without her aunt as an escort") or in order to go along with someone to fill a place ("Julia Jones is one of the graduates and her escort is Mark Smith") or for protection ("The mayor travelled with a police escort"). It can even be used with inanimate objects ("The battleship Bismark sailed with the cruiser Prinz Eugen as an escort").