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An escort is a person who accompanies another, usually for their protection. It can also refer to an aircraft, ship or vehicle that is in a protective role.
The verb "to escort" means "to go along with." An escort can be someone (or a group of people) who accompanies another to maintain an appearance of propriety ("The Victorian girl would never meet a young man without her aunt as an escort") or in order to go along with someone to fill a place ("Julia Jones is one of the graduates and her escort is Mark Smith") or for protection ("The mayor travelled with a police escort"). It can even be used with inanimate objects ("The battleship Bismark sailed with the cruiser Prinz Eugen as an escort").
An escort is a person accompanying others for an event, trip, or other occasion. They may also provide security for the escorted individuals.

Example : "A parent was assigned as an escort for the class field trip."

As slang; escort may also be short for paid escort or prostitute.
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Ford Escort transmission filter?

Actually the filter on an automatic transmission is just a screen to keep the big chunks of metal from being sucked up into the pump. Most people replace them because they come with the kit of a seal and filter.

What is the firing order for a 95'escort?

The firing order for a 95' Escort is 1, 3, 4, 2. The number onecylinder for this car is found on the left side of the engine asyou are facing it.

How do you time a cambelt on a escort?

Clarity needed . Not clear as to what your referring to...exactly.. Are you talking about the timing belt/camshaft belt ? Also, what Year is the escort ?. -javman01. Yes

How do you change the oil in a 1998 escort?

1. You should be able to get safely under your car. Do not use cement / cinder blocks to hold the car up. They can give way. Use something safe!. 2. Get an oil collection pan / bucket / something that can hold lots of oil as you are draining as much as you can.. 3. Get the proper replacement oil f ( Full Answer )

Where is the thermostat on 1997 Ford Escort?

It's at the front of the engine behind the thermo housing which has 3 10mm bolts holding it on. The main coolant line to the radiator comes from the housing so you cant miss it!

What is the meaning of escort?

This all depends on the use of the word escort. An escort could besomeone who helps you from place to place assuring that you arriveon time, or can be a female prostitute.

How do you replace Ford Escort engine?

you have to pull it from the bottom, dont try from the top trust me i just did one and what a pain! also makes it way harder to mount the tranny back to it.. > to pull the motor from the top, you have to loosen all the transmission mounts, and pull the bellhousing up towards where the battery box ( Full Answer )

Will escort car alloys fit a escort van?

escort 4 stud alloys will fit, however if they are wide (eg 215's) they will rub in the rear arches, a width of up to 205 will be ok though

How do you escort women?

It is nervous to escort a woman but don't be norveous.. 1. Say ladies first. 2. Open the doors for her as if you were opening it for your mom. 3. If you want someone to like you don't act stupid. Act funny.

What is the definition of escorted?

An escorted tour is great for the first time traveler or anyone whowants to ensure that their trip is trouble-free to the last detail.Pride 7777 offers some wonderful services, who provides beautifulgirls, with well-trained and the girls love what they do, and willdo everything to impress you in any ( Full Answer )

Where are escorts legal?

Speaking about Europe, it's legal in UK, Germany, Netherlands Escorts are legal everywhere. Prostitutes aren't. Also legal in Canada, Nevada, New Zealand, sort of in Sweden, and Mexico. Probably many more.

What is a model escort?

A model escort is someone who is uaually very good looking that is paid to go to an event with someone. Could me that this person is a prostitute although not always.

What is the meaning of an escort?

Escort has 3 meanings: . someone who acts as a bodyguard . a person that provides companionship for a fee. . a compact car built by Ford Motor Company

What is an escort agency?

An escort agency is a booking agency that brings together clients,who want companionship, and agents for specified periods of time,charged by the hour or day. These agents will usually negotiateafter the agency fee for any sexual services rendered to theclient.

Would a hood of a 91 escort fit an 85 escort?

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Where is the transmission for a escort?

As you are looking into the engine bay from the front the transmission is on the back side of the engine about half way down.

What is a GFE escort?

GFE escort means that escort girl offers you girlfriend experience - she acts like she is your girlfriend. Well, actually what GFE stands for is girlfriend experience. This means that she will make you feel as though you are unrushed, and she is willing to kiss, and give BBBJs (bare back BJs). It ( Full Answer )

What is a paid escort?

Technically it is a person who will keep you company for the evening, at say a dinner or a social engagement. In reality, it is person who will have varying types of sexual intercourse with you for varying amounts of money. With the exception of Nevada, this is illegal, but tolerated in the main.

Can you be an underage escort?

No. There are two things wrong here. Escorts are illegal and an underage escort is very much illegal. Ugggghhhh..... since you assumed the asker was American, I am going to assume you are American. Yes, prostitution is illegal in MOST of the US, but it is legal in Nevada. It is also legal in many ( Full Answer )

Where is the EGR valve in a Ford Escort?

Locate the intake plenum on the back side of the engine. The EGR valve is on the right side of the intake plenum or manifold. It has 2 bolts holding it on. It has a long tube going down to the exhaust pipe.

What is the Legal age to become an escort?

Depends on what country and, if in the US, what state.in india its illegal but escort services with income 10000 can be earned , contact vikrant rathod 09899622737

Is an escort agency legal in the UK?

It entirely depends upon the nature of the agency. Some escort agencies are legitimate, providing female company but no more than this, so then this would be legal. All to often however, they are used in the UK as fronts for prostitution or human trafficking, which are definitely NOT legal. The whol ( Full Answer )

Diane of bushey escort retired why?

Suspect: a) she found a true lover, and b) her little girl was of an age to be interested in mummy's occupation. Good luck to her

Ford Escort ZX2 timing?

Timing for the escort ZX2 is obtained by locating top dead center (TDC) on the crankshaft for the #1 cylinder. Once TDC is obtained (usually with a crank locking tool) the cams must be aligned as well. The cams can be aligned by using the slots on the end of the cams nearest the coil pack. When both ( Full Answer )

How do you change alternator on 1999 escort?

1. Disconnect the cable from the negative post of the battery. 2. Remove the drivebelt. 3. Remove the coolant reservoir. 4. Disconnect both of the small electrical connectors to the alternator. 5. Remove the alternator mounting bolts (two underneath and one above) lift the alternator out. Pull back ( Full Answer )

How do you remove escort washer tank?

Remove the reservoir bolts and nut. Disconnect the motor electrical connector. Detatch the fluid hose from the reservoir Take the reservoir out.

What is the verb of escort?

escort is a verb or a noun. verb - I will escort you through the airport. noun - Our escort took us to the Great Wall.

How do you time a 95 Ford Escort?

Your Escort has the electronic distributorless ignition system. The timing is not adjustable. It is set by the Power Control Module according to parameters measured by different sensors. Such factors as engine temperature, load, mass air flow, atmospheric pressure, speed and air inlet temp determine ( Full Answer )

Can you swap 2000 escort engine into a 1998 escort zx2?

It can be done. If you have a whole donor car, it makes it easier. You have tho swap out the transmission in may cases, also have to swap out the FI wiring harness, ECM, and all the accessories (AC Pump, alternator, etc.) I would advise against it though. The Zx2 engine is a MUCH better designed eng ( Full Answer )

What is an escort warship?

An escort warship is a warship that sails along side unarmed or lightly armed merchant or military transports protecting them from threats. An escort can be any warship assigned to guarding other ships but some have been purposely built for the task. Some example from the Second World War are Cor ( Full Answer )

Will 91 escort engine fit in a 98 escort?

A 91 engine will not fit in a 98 Escort. The 91 engine is from a generation II Escort whereas a 98 engine is from a generationIII Escort.

Will a 1998 escort engin fit in a 1997 escort?

Yes it will. They are both 3rd generation Escorts. To find out if an engine will fit your Escort compare the 5th digit of the VIN between your car and the car the engine is coming out of. If it is the same the engines are the same.

How to get best out of escorts?

Finding femaleEscorts in while traveling to any country, is not that much hardtask instead one should only call to understand that from wherethey should start. It is quite a difficult task for the people whoare not aware of the most up to date modern technology and also howto utilize it in their fav ( Full Answer )