What is an event Pokemon in HeartGold?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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Q: What is an event Pokemon in HeartGold?
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When is the Arceus event in Pokemon HeartGold?

There isn't a date for the Arceus Event in Pokemon HeartGold (unless you mean the event where you get Arceus). When you send over any Arceus into your HeartGold game, the event is activated. You'll have to go to the Ruins of Alph in order to do the event.

How do you catch a mew in Pokemon HeartGold?

An event

How do you get jirachi Pokemon HeartGold?

Through an event.

How do you do the arceas event on Pokemon HeartGold?

You can't.

Can you get the Celebi event in Pokemon HeartGold?


How do you get the event Pokemon in Pokemon SoulSilver?

there is a Nintendo event maybe at gamestop and go to it with Pokemon heartgold and soulsilver and there you will get celibi

In Pokemon HeartGold how do you get mew?

To get a Mew in Pokemon Heartgold, you could do it through a Nintendo Wi-Fi event.

How do you battle Giovanni in Pokemon HeartGold?

Get the celebi event.

How do you get arecus on Pokemon HeartGold with not cheating?

witch event

Where do you catch Celebi on Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver?

you get it by an event.