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Q: What is an example of a community that has a high degree of biodiversty?
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The high cost of a four year degree has increased enrollment at community colleges?


When has the student demonstrated a high degree of leadership in the school and in the community and is seed by their community to be inclusive cooperative and committed to making a difference?


What is an example of an social structure?

One direction has a high ranking in our community.

What is an example of a community issue or problem?

High pollution,high crime,and poverty all over the city.

What is the difference between postgraduate degree and postsecondary degree?

A postgraduate degree is a degree you get after your undergraduate degree, so for example a Master's degree or a Ph.D. A postsecondary degree is a degree you get after high school (high school = secondary school), such as a B.A. or B.Sc. A postsecondary degree is usually referred to as an undergraduate degree. (At least in my neck of the woods.)

Can a bachelor degree be obtain without an associate's degree?

Yes. A bachelor's degree is a 4 years college degree. An Associates degree is a 2 year college degree (Community College). The only requirement for either one of those degrees is that you have a high school degree.

Do you have to have some type of degree before you can earn a bachelor's degree?

No, many students pursue the bachelor's degree immediately after high school. However, some choose to go to a community college first.

Can you go to nursing school right after high school?

Yes you can. there are nursing programs available for high school grads at most Junior Colleges/Community Colleges. Get an AA degree then you can move into a BA degree in nursing at a university

What must you do to be an registered nurse?

You have to graduate or obtain a degree GED from High School and then at minimum you will need a two year nursing degree from a community college. After that you will have to be sponsored by a medical facility.

A assistant in high school wanting to become a medical assitant?

Start with you home county community college. Most community colleges offer an associate degree particular to medical assisting.

Associate's degree in high school?

The associates degree is at the college level and can be pursued after the completion of high school. However, there are some community colleges that have special articulations with high schools within their county and offer classes at the high school for students who excel in certain areas. These students are granted college credit toward an associate's degree upon successful completion.

What is the 'difference' between bachelor's degree and master's degree?

The bachelor's degree is referred to as undergraduate coursework in a specific area that follows high school, or a community college. The master's degree is advanced coursework and considered graduate coursework in a specific program of study that follows the bachelor's degree.