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Q: What is an example of a grass roots movement?
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What are some example of fibrous roots?


How did the fall of the Bastille show popular protest?

Because it was a grass roots movement.

When was The Grass Roots created?

The Grass Roots was created in 1971.

What is the difference between grass roots and shrub roots?

Grass roots have thin roots while shrub roots have thick roots.......hahaha

Grasses that live in climates with low rainfall have long roots What is this an example of?

This is an example of adaptation, where the grasses have evolved long roots to access water deep underground in order to survive in environments with low rainfall.

How do dandelion roots differ from roots of grass?

Dandelion roots tend to be taproots, growing deep into the ground, while grass roots are fibrous and spread out horizontally. Dandelion roots are larger and more robust compared to the finer, shallower roots of grass. Dandelion roots store energy reserves for regrowth, while grass roots primarily serve for nutrient and water absorption.

When was Message to the Grass Roots created?

Message to the Grass Roots was created in 1963.

Does the fibrous root prevent erosion?

Fibrous roots can help prevent erosion by holding soil in place with their dense network. They help to stabilize soil and reduce the risk of erosion caused by wind or water. However, in areas with severe erosion, additional erosion control measures may be needed.

What does the term Grass Roots refer to?

the structure of grass roots is that it come from the soil and is born from the grass

How many pages does Grass Roots - novel - have?

Grass Roots - novel - has 496 pages.

When was Grass Roots - novel - created?

Grass Roots - novel - was created in 1989-07.

Can you put grass-roots in a sentence?

We can't get government reform without grass-roots support.