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Regular citizens

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Q: Who does grass roots lobbying allow to influence public policy?
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How many States allow citizens to vote directly on issues of public policy?

Only two states in the U.S. allow citizens to directly vote on public issuses.

How can an idividual influence government actions and policies?

An individual needs to be courageous enough to speak out against social injustices. He must look for people who have the same ideals and come up with a petition or peaceful protest to gain acknowledgement.

How many US states allow citizens to vote directly on issues of public policy?

All of them. There are state and local issues that are voted on.

Why do the bulls not allow headbands?

Their owner just has a policy. Its the exact same thing with the New Jersey Devils not allowing their players to don facial hair. No reason that the public kows, just policy.

How does US action in cuba demonstrate the policy of containment?

When Russia placed the missiles on Cuba it was warned that they needed to be removed and when they weren't action was taken by enacting a blockade of the island. This was part of the policy of containment by the United States not to allow Russia to influence the development of a communist country within the sphere of influence of the US.

What is a sentence for policy?

The company's policy did not allow smoking in the building or while on-the-clock.

What is the open or close door policy?

The open door policy is when a certain country (like China) allow foreigners in their country. Now a closed door policy is when a coutry doesn't allow foreigners in their country.

Ohio public schools have a policy not to hire retired employees?

that is an excellent policy and should be enforced post haste - shame on the state legislature for allowing this double dipping to go on so long. It should be called what it is, immoral if not altogether illegal. Please let's make it illlegal asap to continue to allow the public to be so blatantly screwed by government.

What tool allows citizens to access updated public policy information very quickly and efficiently?

Government websites allow citizens quick and efficient access to public policy information. Information on these websites also enables citizens to check on elected officials. Citizens have much more access to information, than they did years ago, due to the Internet.

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Double indemnity can be added to an insurance policy to allow the insured to receive a higher benefit.

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