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Q: What is an example of a monosylabic reply?
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What is gratuitous ARP?

Gratuitous in this case means a request/reply that is not normally needed according to the ARP specification (RFC 826) but could be used in some cases. A gratuitous ARP request is an AddressResolutionProtocol request packet where the source and destination IP are both set to the IP of the machine issuing the packet and the destination MAC is the broadcast address ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff. Ordinarily, no reply packet will occur. A gratuitous ARP reply is a reply to which no request has been made.

What do you reply to someone who says top of the morning to you?

and the rest of the day to you

What is the proper response to Erin go braugh?

there is no reply - this is not a real greeting - its an American creation.

What is ARP reply?

It's a response to a broadcast asking for the devices MAC ID. Routers and switches keep a table known as an ARP table which lists all the MAC ID's in the local area network. It will send ARP requests out to all the nodes in it's broadcast domain saying send me your MAC ID's. All the nodes in the network reply back with an ARP reply saying here is my MAC ID.

How do you say yes in Irish?

There are no Irish words for yes or no.But you can reply in a positive way that is taken as a yes answer, or a negative way for a no answer, examples:to reply to a question such as, Do you understand?In Irish that would be: an dtuigeanntú?your reply would be, understand In Iris that would be: tuigimfor a negative responce to the same question, I don't understand.In Irish it's: ní thuigimA response will differ depending on what was asked.If you are asked Are you going? in Irish your answer could be níl

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What is an example of monosylabic reply?


What is the root word of monosylabic?


What is letter of inquiry and reply?

what is the meaning and example of letter of inquiry and reply

Is it correct to write we have not received your reply yet?

Yes it is. For example, 'We are writing because we are concerned that we do not have your reply...'. Then state why the reply is important or necessary.

What is the noun form or reply?

The word reply is a noun as well as a verb. Example uses:Noun: I haven't received a reply to my request for a transcript.Verb: You can reply to the invitation that we will be happy to attend the cookout.

What is the future tense of reply?

The future tense of reply is will reply.Alsopresent continuous with a time phrase:I am replying to his request + going to + verb:I am going to reply to his request tomorrow.

What does lo estoy mean?

That means "I am [that]". It is used in reply to a question. For example, if asked whether you are tired, or hungry, that might be your reply.

What is a rhitorical question?

That is a question that is asked without expecting a reply. Good example is when your dad asks you "Do you think I'm stupid?" He is not expecting a reply.

Is there are word dain - for example - they didn't dain to reply - to say they refused to reply?

Yes, the word is deign. (condescend, or to think on accordance with one's dignity)They didn't deign to reply. (pronounced the same as Dane)

Would it be put off or put of?

Put off - as in an evasive reply for example

What is an example of a letter of inquiry with reply of an inquiry letter?

Does HUD accept indemnifcation letters in Florida

Que hora es reply?

To reply to this you'd say " son las (time)". For example to say its 3:40 you say "son la tres cuarenta" or to say for example 20 till 4 you simply say "veinte para las cuatro".