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An example of a simile in Paul Revere's ride is "Like a torch in the night."

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Q: What is an example of a simile in Paul Revere's ride?
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Were studying the poem paul reveres ride in English class?

We are studying Paul Reveres ride in English class.

Whose idea was the ride for the Paul Revere?

paul reveres idea

A metaphor in Paul Reveres ride?

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Is there any onomatopoeia in paul revere's ride the poem?

yes there is definitely onomatopoeia used in Paul reveres ride. one example of this is when it says he heard the crowing of the cock

What was revere trying to do on his ride?

Paul Reveres ride was to warn Concord that the red coats are coming.

What was the summary of Paul Revere's Ride?

Paul Reveres rode in the midnight warning everybody that the Brotosh are coming

Who were the red coats in paul reveres ride?

The red coats were British soldiers.

Who wrote Paul Reveres Ride?

The poem was written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in 1860

What was the purpose of paul Reveres ride?

Advanced technological developments for the purposes of mass production is the purpose of the Pual Revers Ride.

What day did Paul Revere go on a famous ride?

April 18, 1775 this is the answer i know this for a fact.

Who finished Paul Reveres ride?

There was Paul Revere, William Dawes and Dr. Samuel Prescott. William and Paul were captured but Dr. Samuel Prescott made it out and signaled the Americans about the Redcoats.

On what date did Paul Revere make his historical ride?

actually April 18 1775 is the day that the two lanterns were hung by Paul Reveres best friend and this is the day he lied about it and said he hung the lanterns the actually day is April 19 1775.