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Example: sulfuric acid fumans.


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Examples of concentrated acids are, hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid. - - - - - The American Chemical Society has a list of common acids and the molarities they're at when they're made. An acid at that molarity is a concentrated acid. Both strong and weak acids can be concentrated acids: concentrated acetic acid (a weak acid) is 17.4 molar and concentrated hydrochloric acid (a strong acid) is at 12.1 molar.

The concentrated means it is a dilute form of the acid.

is concentrated sulphuric acid toxic

concentrated nitric acid concentrated sulphuric acid

No it's a concentrated STRONG acid

Yes, concentrated sulfuric acid is a liquid.

a strong acid like HF, H2SO4...are stronger when they are concentrated, weaker acids are weak even they are concentrated

A concentrated acid is more dangerous than a dilute acid.

By diluting the concentrated sulphuric acid accordingly.

Concentrated acid is more dangerous. Dilute acid have more water particles than acid particles. But concentrated acid have more acid particles than water particles. Acid is just acid.

A strong acid is and acid that completely dissociates (breaks apart into ions) in water. Whether an acid is strong or weak depends on the specific acid (i.e. sulfuric acid is strong, acetic acid is weak etc.). A concentrated acid is and acid that is nearly pure, regardless of how strong it is. For example both 95% acetic acid and 95% sulfuric acid would be considered concentrated, even though sulfuric acid is strong while acetic acid is weak.

Nitric acid refers to the chemical in any form. 'Concentrated' specifically defines it in a concentrated solution.

Concentrated Is a full focus. And Dilute is a total opposite acid. as concentrated is in your body, and dilure is in your foods.

The same reason sticking your face into concentrated acid is.

The molarity of hydrochloric acid 36,5 % (concentrated acid) is 10 M.

By diluting the concentrated sulphuric acid with distilled water.

Concentrated sulphuric acid and Concentrated Phosporic acid are good dehydrating agents.It removes water from alcohols to convert it into corresponding alkenes.

Examples: - concentrated solution of sulfuric acid - concentrated solution of nitric acid - concentrated solution of ethanol - concentrated solution of sugar (syrup) - concentrated solution of table salt

adding a concentrated acid to water would result in an exothermic reaction.

Because there is more hydrogen gas in a concentrated acid.

No. Even concentrated hydrochloric acid contains much water. Concentrated sulfuric acid, which can be completely anhydrous, is much more effective as dehydrating agent.

A concentrated acid has more acid than water and a dilute acid has more water than acid. True facts, otherwise known as its molarity. The greater the molarity the more concentrated it is (moles of acid/ liter of solution)

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