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In "Flipped," a classic example of foreshadowing is when Juli notices Bryce's eye color changing when he lies. This hints at his dishonest behavior and foreshadows the challenges they will face in their relationship.

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Q: What is an example of foreshadowing in flipped?
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What is an example of foreshadowing in chapter one in the family under the bridge?

what is an example of foreshadowing in chapter one in the book the family under the bridge

What is an example of foreshadowing in The Great Gatsby?

An example of foreshadowing can be seen in Chapter One of The Great Gatsby. Daisy jokes about Jordan and Nick getting together.

What is an example of foreshadowing from The Adventure of the Speckled Band?

An example of foreshadowing is the crash of metal Helen heard indicating that something was happening (with the snake) on the night of her sister's death.

Give an example of foreshadowing in the crucible?

When Reverend Hale grows disselusioned. It is foreshadowing his later reputation of the courts actions.

When romeo has a bad feeling about going to the party it is an example of what?


What example of foreshadowing for this event would be the most obvious?


If you destroy a monster is it considered flipped?

If a monster attacks it - yes it gets flipped even if it's destroyed. If, for example, it gets nobleman of crossout on it than no, it does not get flipped. There are cards like Sasuke Samurai and Six Samurai - Irou destroys a face down card without it being flipped.

The behavior of the young birds in the story is an example of which literary term?

foreshadowing! :)

What is an example of foreshadowing in Anne Frank?

An example of foreshadowing in Anne Frank's diary is when she writes about her fear of being discovered by the Nazis or the possibility of being caught while in hiding. This foreshadows the tragic ending of the story where the Frank family is indeed discovered and taken to concentration camps.

Which title gives the best example of foreshadowing?

"The Shadow in the Woods" is the title that provides the best example of foreshadowing as it hints at a mysterious and potentially ominous element that will be present in the story.

What are the various types of foreshadowing?

There are mainly two types of foreshadowing: modern foreshadowing and classical foreshadowing. Modern foreshadowing is more symbolic, not explicitly saying what event will occur later, whereas Classical foreshadowing is more literal. For example, in Romeo and Juliet, the introduction clearly states two people love each other so much, they will take their lives if it means being together, actually happening at the end of the story.

Which of the excerpts below is an example of foreshadowing?

"Together they stood at the edge of the cliff, overlooking the turbulent ocean below, unaware of the dangers that awaited them." This excerpt is an example of foreshadowing as it hints at the potential dangers or challenges the characters might face in the future.