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1. Pila (Apple snail)

2. Aplysia (Sea-hare)

3. Doris (Sea-lemon)

4. Turbinella (Shank)

5. Cyprea (Cowrie)

6. Limax (Slug)

7. Patella (limpet)

8. Fissurella

9. Planorbis (Garden-snail)

10. Xancus

11. Turbo

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What mollusks are in Gastropoda?

The only mollusks that are Gastropoda are slugs and snails.

What is the scientific name for the Gastropoda?

Gastropoda is already scientific name , its common name is snails .

What are snails classified as?

Class GastropodaSomething else. They are members of the mollusk class of Gastropoda.

Do Mollusks in the class gastropoda lack a disinct head?

Mollusks in the class Gastropoda do not have a disinct head

What is the class of the nudibranch?


What class is the snail in?


Which class does a slug belong to?

Slugs are in the Phylum Mollusca and are in the Class Gastropoda. Slugs are in the Phylum Mollusca and are in the Class Gastropoda.

What is the scientific name of the Slug?


What has the author J Brookes Knight written?

J. Brookes Knight has written: 'Primitive fossil gastropods and their bearing on gastropod classification' -- subject(s): Fossil Gastropoda, Gastropoda 'Paleozoic gastropod genotypes' -- subject(s): Fossil Gastropoda 'Some new Cambrian bellerophont gastropods' -- subject(s): Fossil Gastropoda, Paleontology

What is the name of the class of animals that contains snails?

Gastropoda is the class that snails belong to. Gastropoda is also part of the Mollusk catagory. - Tony T

What has the author Branley A Branson written?

Branley A. Branson has written: 'Recent Gastropoda of Oklahoma' -- subject(s): Freshwater snails, Gastropoda, Helisoma

Is a land snail a insect?

No they are called Gastropoda

Is a snail an insect?

No, it is a mollusk of the class Gastropoda.

Scientific name of the freshwater snail?


What is the scientific name for a slug?

"Gastropoda Pulmonata".

What is the scientific name for the slug?

Gastropoda Pulmonata

What class are snails in?

Snails are in the class Gastropoda.

What is the class of snails?

class Gastropoda or gastropods

What is the scientific name for sea snail?


Which class includes snail and slugs?


To which class do snails and slugs belong?


What group does a slug come from?

they come from the class Gastropoda

What are slugs and snails classified under?

Class Gastropoda.

Which kind of mollusk includes snails slugs?


Examples of organisms from the class gastropoda?

Fish snails