What is an example of geology?

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Look outside your window. Do you see mountains? A geologist can tell you how they got there. Do you see nothing but flat ground? or ocean? We can tell you why those conditions exist right there. We can tell you what causes earthquakes or how the Earth came to look as it does...and what it used to look like when Dinosaurs were here (and before!). Geologists study the earth and how it formed. We can tell you what used to be up against North America, or where India started out. We can look at a rock and tell you an entire story... Geology is how the Earth came to be what it is right now, and what it will probably look like in the future.

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Q: What is an example of geology?
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Is geology an example of life science?

Geology is an example of an Earth science.

What is the verb for geology?

...geology. Example, "Hey dude, what are you doing?" "Just some geology, dude"

What is pure geology?

the application of geology to many fields for example economical geology, petro geology, enviromental geology this is related to the various human activities therefor it is called applied geology.

Example of the suffix -ology?

geology, zoology, astrology

What are the roles of geology in society?

Geology plays various roles in society. For example, geology allows us to extract minerals and fossil fuels such as coal and aluminum.

Geology used in a sentence?

Example sentence - She was trying to decide whether she wanted to study geology or physics in college.

Choose the category that best fits the example aquifer?

It is a subdivision of geology - hydrology. It has already been assigned it the geology category of WikiAswers.

What is a science term that starts with g?

Geology. Depends on what you mean. There are many. This is just an example.

What can you do with a geology degree?

depends on what you're focused on. There are many fields of expertise for a geologist. For example oil geology, geophysics, mineralogy, paleontology, structural geology and many others. With those fields you can work usually on a mining corporation. Very lucrative!

How is geology and historical geology different?

Historic geology was based in the distant past and geology is in modern times.

What are 2 main branches of Geology?

Physical Geology and Historical Geology are the two main branches of Geology.

What are the 2 Broad areas of geology?

physical geology and historical geology

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