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What is an example of in medias res?

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Medias res means to start in the middle as in the middle of a tale. The Odessy begins in the middle of the story; not at the beginning and not at the end working backwards.

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(En medias res) One example that I know of is the fictional story of Megamind.

In medias res is Latin for "in the middle of things." To begin a narrative in medias res means to start in the middle of the action.

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means in the middle of things Its techinique is ude in the Odyssey and the IliadTo begin a story or narrative in medias res means to start in the middle.

The English phrase "the middle of" is translated into Latin using medius, -a, -um, which, unlike the English version, is a simple adjective. So, for example, "in[to] the middle of things" is translated as in medias res (where medias is feminine accusative plural to agree with res, the object of the preposition in).

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the practice of beginning a story in the middle of the action. by Anthony ballou

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example of communication media

What effect does beginning the story in media’s res have on the reader?

You mean when a story starts from the middle. It's called "in medias res." That's a Latin term for "in the middle of things."

--------------[res 1---]------------|-----------------|| | || [res 2] [res 3]| | || | |--------------------------------------------------------res 1 is in series with a parallel connection of res 2 and 3. This is just one example.

The narrative hook in "The Outsiders" is the first sentence. The story begins in medias res while Ponyboy is walking out of a movie theater after a movie.

The part of the story that begins with Odysseus' leaving Troy and ends with his captivity on Calypso's island

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