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Over excertion of your body, like running a marathon or being awake for several hours longer than your body is acustomed to.

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2008-10-24 08:26:43
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Stress tends to manifest itself in change

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Q: What is an example of physical stress?
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What is an example of an environmental physical stress?


What is the difference between stress and fatigue?

Faitgue and stress, in engineering terms: Stress is the physical force on a body, for example column load on foundation pads. Fatigue is weakness in metal that makes it likely to break, caused for example by frequent stress (shaking due to loading) over a long period.

What is an example of internal stress?

internal stress is what you experience inside your body. its your changing of your emotions and how your body reacts to stress. internal stress could be emotional stress, and physical stress were you feel like you are not capable of doing anything,were previously easy tasks are now difficult tasks

What Is The Definition Of A Physical Stress?

Whats is Emotional Stress?

What are two types of physical stress?

Physical stress comes from acute injuries or from a longstanding condition.

The negative physical effects of stress?

The negative physical effects of stress are weight gain and pimples.

Distinguish between physical and psychological stress?

If you overdue physical exercise then you in physical stress. If your best friend insists on telling about all their problems instead of solving those problems then you are in psychological stress

What are symptoms of physical stress?


Stress tends to manifest itself in change?

physical emotional behavioral

What is meaning of stress in English?

Stress is an effort or demand on physical or mental energy.

What cause eustress?

Eu stress is good stress so an example of Eu stress is a home-run in Baseball

How can you prevent stress?

Prevent stress by doing physical exercise, breathing techniques and deciding to think positive thoughts. Stress has physical effects on the body that can be counteracted if one recognizes what they are.

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