What is an example of redemptive?

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An atonement for guilt

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Q: What is an example of redemptive?
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How can you put redemptive in a sentence?

Like this. -> "This is redemptive in a sentance."

When was Redemptive Film Festival created?

Redemptive Film Festival was created in 2006.

What is a sentence using the word redemptive?

I am very grateful that the judge was feeling redemptive today.

How doing science allows us to follow Christ's example of his redemptive ministry?

Science has nothing to do with religion, redemption, or Jesus.

Can you write a sentence using the word redemptive?

Yes, one can. "A redemptive theory about life"- R.K. Brown

What is a redemptive death?

Jesus' death was the only redemptive death because he rose again from the dead and so redeemed us if we believe in him.

Is the word redemptive a verb?

No it's an adjective.

What is the acronym for grace?

God's Redemptive Affirmation Capturing Everyone

What is a good analogy of self sacrifice?

This blog talks about "Redemptive Analogies"these are analogies that have similarities with the ultimate sacrifice that Jesus Christ did for mankind on the this blog it talks about a tribe in canibal tribe in New Ginea and what redemptive analogy God had worked in their culture to prepare them for the day they would hear about what Christ did for them. redemptive analogies:- Azland in the Chronicles of Narnia- Spiderman when he saves the train full of people instead of his woman.

What has the author Lawrence A Babb written?

Lawrence A. Babb has written: 'Redemptive encounters'

What is a Christilogical model?

a Christological model is a belief system that incorporates Christ as a central figure, unfortunately in Western Christianity mostly or wholly a redemptive one, but more broadly as chiefly an example of creative perfection..

What has the author Akira Arai written?

Akira Arai has written: 'Adam and redemptive history'

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