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i assume you're referring to the executive branch of government.

Answer: The President's ability to veto a bill

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Q: What is an example of the executive action?
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Is the cattleman's action legislative fund an example of a government entity that is part of the executive branch?


Which is an example of informal constitution change by executive action?

The President makes an executive agreement with Another Country instead of a formal treaty

What action does not require congressional approval?

An executive agreement is an example of an action that does not require congressional approval. It is an agreement by heads of government, and is less formal than a treaty.

What are two presidential powers that developed from informal amendment?

There are two presidential powers which are executive action and executive agreements. Executive action is the rights over declaring war and executive agreement is a pact made between foreign nations and the President.

What is the definition of executive action?

executive action is a person that takes charge of executing the laws in an organisation when it is been disobeyed by any of the employees. e.g disciplinary procedures.

What action between heads of state does not require congressional approval?

executive agreement

What is an example of an executive agreement?

An executive agreement is defined as being an agreement which is made between the president and a foreign country. One example of an executive agreement was NAFTA.

What is a example of jurisdiction?

executive is an non example of jurisdiction

What is the executive branch an example of?


NASA is an example of an agency.?


NASA is an example of an agency?


NASA is an example of what agency?