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An extra hand of cards is called the "kitty".

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2010-05-17 17:03:46
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Q: What is an extra hand of cards called?
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Can you add cards from your extra deck to your hand in yu-gi-oh?

Currently, no. All cards from your Extra Deck are basically never in your Deck or Hand. Whenever an effect attempts to put a Synchro or a Fusion monster in your Hand or Deck, it is always placed back into the Extra Deck.

Are synchro cards in your deck?

they go with fusion cards in whats called a extra deck

What is a bridge hand with no cards in one suit called?

A bridge hand with no cards in one suit is said to have a void.

What do you call an extra hand of cards?

The term used is different, depending on which card game is being referred to:In canasta, the extra hand is referred to as a "foot" (see Related Link below to the rules of canasta).According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, an extra hand dealt to the table - such as in Whiskey Poker - is called a "widow."In Cribbage, it's called the "crib".In the game of Boodle and several others, it's call the "boodle".

What are cards held from on top in the right hand are said to be held in a grip called?

a hand

What is called a group of cards?

An entire group of cards is called a 'pack' or 'deck'. The cards that a player has been dealt is called a 'hand'. _____________ Or a convention of comics.

What is the grip called when cards are held from the top in the right hand?

The grip when cards are held from the top in the right hand is known as biddle grip. It gives you complete control over the top cards.

What is a whist hand called?

One players cards in the card game of Whist.

How many cards in the fusion Deck?

It is currently now called the "Extra Deck", and a maximum of 15 cards (Fusion, Synchro, Xyz Monsters) are allowed.

In the game of bridge what is a low hand with all cards below a nine called?


What is draw poker?

A poker user is drawing if they have a hand which needs further cards to develop valuable and deficient. The hand is called a draw or drawing hand.

How many Match Attex extra cards are there?

No extra card

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