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What is an heart on Facebook?

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How do you do the broken heart icon on Facebook?

How do you make a แƒฆ on facebook?

&lt; 3 with no spaces is a heart on Facebook.

What does a blue heart signify on facebook?

Facebook is a popular social networking website. There is no blue heart on Facebook but you can create a heart symbol in posts and comments by typing the "less than" sign and the number 3. A heart signifies love.

What is the meaning of a heart on Facebook?


How do you put a heart symbol in my facebook name?

You cannot put a heart on your Facebook name, but you can put it on any facebook wall or on facebook chat, you can do it in 3 ways:Press ALT and 3 together, but only press the 3 which is on the number pad, not the one in the row, for this heart - &hearts;Press Or copy this - &hearts;

How do you type a heart symbol on facebook?

Just type &lt;3 and it appears as a heart

What does heart symbol mean on Facebook?

I Want YOU !!

How do you get an heart notification on facebook?

just make it!

How do you make a heart in your Facebook name?

copy and paste a heart &hearts; or type in &lt;3

How do you hearts in Facebook?

Characters for making heart &lt;3

How do you get the love heart on Facebook?

&lt; +3 like this &lt;3

How do you makea heart in facebook?

Try typing this &lt;3

How do a sign heart in Facebook?

In the chatbook chat it is:

How do you IM hearts on Facebook?

You type &lt; then 3 (&lt;3) facebook will automaticly animate it so it looks like a heart!

How do you put a heart on facebook using a MacBook?

you dont need a macbook you just do this &lt;3 on facebook and it comes out as a hear

How do you make a heart in facebook?

&lt; and 3 together with no spaces &lt;3

How do you create the heart icon on facebook?

Alt + 3 = &hearts;

How do you get hearts on texts?

You get heart symbols on facebook by putting &lt;3

What does a red heart mean on Facebook?

they love ya babe

How do you get the heart notification on facebook?

I am not sure what you mean by a heart notification. If you are asking how to make the heart symbol on Facebook, you use this &lt; and put the number 3 next to it (no space). &lt;3 will print out as a heart. If you want a thumbs up sign, use open parenthesis, the letter y, and close parenthesis (y).

How do you create broken hearts in Facebook?

The emoticon for a broken heart is &lt;/3.

How make an icons in facebook?

the only one i know is the heart which is &lt;3

How do you do the heart in typing?

on facebook its &lt;3 on msn its (L) :D x

How do you make love faces on Facebook?

you can do &lt;3 for heart and :* :-* for kissy face

How do you put red love heart on Facebook?

Do this symbol '&lt;' and a 3 after it..Example:- &lt;3 The RED heart will only come in chat