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What is an illusion?

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A perception, as of visual stimuli, that represents what is perceived in a way different from the way it is in reality.

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What episode of Masters of Illusion is this illusion displayed?

This is the illusion.

What is the verb in illusion?


What is the French word for illusion?

Illusion (feminine)

What is a desert illusion?

A mirage is a desert illusion.

Is the parabola an optical illusion?

No, it is not an optical illusion.

What is a sentence for illusion?

The magician's illusion was so crafty and convincing that the audience did not have a clue as to how he made his assistant vanish.

What is the Muller-lyer illusion?

The Müller-Lyer illusion is an optical illusion consisting of a stylized arrow.

Are we really living reality or is it all an illusion?

We are really living reality, but this reality is an illusion. There is no โ€˜orโ€™, it is โ€˜andโ€™. What does it mean? You see a rainbow, and it is an illusion. You cannot ask whether it is a rainbow or an illusion. You see a mirage in a desert and it is an illusion. You see it, it exists, but its existence is an illusion. So is our life. Of course, we are living this life. There is no doubt, but our life itself is an illusion. Just like a dream. When we wake up in the morning, of course there was a dream, but the dream was an illusion. So also is this life. Although it looks very real today, at death, it will terminate to be an illusion. Therefore, we must realize how this life is nothing but an illusion.

What is the moon illusion?

the moon illusion is that the moon is smiling.

What is illusion in Tagalog?

Tagalog Translation of ILLUSION: ilusyon

What part of speech is the word illusion?

Illusion is a noun.

What does illusion mean?

An illusion is something that is erroneously perceived or construed.

What is the Hindi word for illusion?

The Hindi word for illusion is Maya.

What is a short sentence with the word illusion?

I was under the illusion that you were my friend.

What is 'illusion' when translated from English to Italian?


How do you make a illusion in Doodle God?


When was Sweet Illusion created?

Sweet Illusion was created in 1973.

What is the population of Illusion Labs?

The population of Illusion Labs is 7.

What is the grand illusion in the grand illusion?

The grand Illusion is the vain hope that the war could be the last. You can see the related link.

What is the name of the Hindu goddess of illusion?

Maya is Hindu goddess of illusion.

Is control an illusion?

No. Ask people who are controlled by others if they think it is an illusion.

How do you use illusion in a sentence?

The illusion of tyhe scary cat was scar

What is the strongest optic illusion?

How would you measure the "strength" of an optic illusion?

Who said time is an illusion?

Albert Einstein said that time is an illusion.

What is the duration of Strange Illusion?

The duration of Strange Illusion is 1.45 hours.