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Optical illusions are visual images that differ from reality imagery. Literal optical illusions are different from the original images, physiological illusions are afterimages that follow a bright light, and cognitive illusions are unconscious inferences like distorting. Ask questions here about perception, depth, color, brightness, and patterns.

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Optical Illusions

How can you see a doxygen documentation in kdevelop?

For short use: Ctrl + Alt + P

Optical Illusions
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How can short sightedness be cured?

contacts, glasses, laser eye surgery, take your pick.

Optical Illusions

How do you make an optical illusion dinosaur?

i dont no ask ur parents . (mutters "freak")

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What is it when you sometimes see a kaleidoscope effect in your vision?

Yes, you should see a doctor (either a neurologist or an ophthalmologist, both optimally -you will likely need a referral from your primary care doctor), however you are likely experiencing an "ophthalmic migraine". These peculiarities of the migraine world cause a crescent shaped kaleidoscopic ring in and around the center of your field of vision that can be quite hard to ignore. If you alternate closing your eyes you can see the abnormality in both eyes, but it may be more noticeable than one or the other. They often come either before a migraine headache sets in, but can exist without ever preceding a migraine. Generally these episodes last about 20-30 min and eventually the vision interruption "floats "to one side of the eye or the other and disappears out of the field of vision.

If your abnormality is only in one eye and is relatively constant or seems to "float by" in front of your eye a lot this is more likely a "floater". An abundance of these also warrants a trip to the doctor. There is a lot of information about both ophthalmic migraines and floaters in the eye online. A Google image search will reveal pictures of what others see when they have an ophthalmic migraine.

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What would cause you to see flashes of light out of the corner of your eye?

Could be a detached retina.

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Can you change your nose without surgery?

Changing a NoseIf you want to change your nose's appearance, but don't want to undergo surgery, you can use corrective makeup to change the appearance of your nose.

Corrective makeup is the use of foundations, powders and concealers to even out skin tones, hide blemishes, and to make other facial features appear smaller, broader or thinner (ex: cheekbones, nose, and lips). Depending on what you want to change about your nose, you�ll apply a different �shading� technique using various shades of foundation.

What do I need to use?

  • Liquid or cream Foundation. � use various shades for contouring.
  • Powder � to set your foundation. Apply last.
  • Sponge � for blending
  • Flat, rectangular blending brush -- for blending and contouring

What shading techniques could I use?

  • For a shorter nose: blend a darker color under the nose and up over the tip.
  • For a longer nose: highlight over and under the tip of your nose.
  • For a wider nose: use a broad highlight down the center and blend well using a lighter foundation.
  • For a narrower nose: highlight the sides of your nose and blend well

Other tips:

  • To enhance the shape of your overall face, use a blush to contour your jaw, which balances with the contouring of your nose.
  • Make sure your hairstyle is suited for your face and nose. Some shorter, thinner cuts make your nose look larger.

Here are more opinions:

  • Yes, there are some ways you can improve the shape of your nose without surgery. There is the "15 minute nose job" which refers to the injection of biological fillers into the nose. Even though some people have a feature that they consider large on their nose, the injections can diminish the feature by giving the nose a new contour. The effect usually lasts a couple of years before you need a touch-up. These filler-based procedures typically cost $800-$1200 but you can get a deal sometimes.
  • Nope, I don't believe there is much you can do without cosmetic surgery (rhinoplasty, in this case). If you think pushing and trying to mold your nose is going to help (some say to), it's not. It'd just be a lost cause and a waste of time. In fact, you could be making your situation worse by doing so. Leave it as be, or consult a plastic surgeon.
  • If you have a confidence problem it will effect your nose from becoming thinner. start by waering nice expensive clothes, your choice or copy glamerous people. Buy no7 foundations in colours: light medium and dark, dark is for the sides of the nose, light for under eyes and near the corner of your eye. medium is for rest of the face, apply lip plump from transformulas as it says once you purchase it and then purchase benefit highlighter - high beam, draw a line down the center or your nose and blend in, apply some to your cheakbones and to your brow bones. wear some mascara, use eyeliner under your eyes, to the corner, then make a little smudge at the side end of your eye. if you don't get better bigger lips, then continue using transformulas and purchase a helping hand product such as benefit colour plump. if you have any problems with it not staying on then apply lock lipstick from rimmel, usually everyone has little dots on their face it helps to cover them up by applying concealer the colour of your foundation, medium and then around the area apply dark foundation, use translucent powder from n07 or caboodles dust powder with shimmer. try not to get upset, do not cry and repeat affirmations in your head such as it's not big, it's gorgeous, get your hair done at the hairdressers to see how you like it week by week and then do it your self so you save money. this is a great apperiance change that makes you gorgeous and helps your nose be thinner. waer a hood when it's raining.
  • I get teased about having a big nose. And I hate my nose. However I just highlight over features and make them appear better and draw attention away from my nose. You are risking too much getting surgeory, have you ever seen a good, realistic nose job? Look at Jodie Marsh that could be the outcome! The things people say about your nose shouldn't bother you, usually you can't change the way you look, so why moan about it?
  • I have a big nose too , if you have a haircut that is close to your face, your nose will get bigger, try to make everything on your face big so that it will appear smaller. Couture your nose like in the answer above and make sure to put make up on it!
  • Ever since I was little, I would mold and push my nose, thinking it would make it smaller! To this day, I still have a habit of doing that, and trust me, it does not help! It IS a waste of time, and I think it did make it worse because my nose didn't harden cause I pushed it so much, and so it was droopy and flared. I regret doing so.
  • well i have a wide nose so i just started squeezing my nose every day on the sides of it and in about a month it started getting smaller
  • If your nose is wide, thick, curved or crooked you may find an affordable solution using the nose inserts. They are a pair of splints that you can insert and remove from your nostril to instanly refined your nose, without surgery or make up.
Optical Illusions

Can you make your eyes shake?

yes. ive been able to naturaly do it scince birth.

Optical Illusions
Diabetic Retinopathy

What problem could cause a prism in one's field of vision?

Usually you're born with it. Some folks who have a 'lazy eye' are sometimes prescibed a prism to try to straighten that out, but... I have also seen cases where labs have made glasses incorrectly and unintentionally put prism in the lenses because the proper measurements were not taken. Occassionally... the prescribed prism is a result of some trauma to the head... in those instances, it's a small amount, and *might* reverse itself once the muscles gain strength. Best case scenario, it was poorly made specs... best bet though is to see your Optometrist or Opthamalogist for a full & thorough examination of they eyes. Hope that helped! Cindy

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Can visions that you see sometimes be true?

In all cases, well-adjusted or not, please do seek professional help to address this question. "Visions" that are unaccompanied by other psychiatric symptoms are commonly the result of a physical illness, including something as serious as a lesion in the brain.

Many people experience "visions." As you know humans use just a small percentage of their brain and medical science is just now (after all these years) studying the brain and finding out amazing things about it.

When a person says they see a vision (if they are mentally sound of course) many doctors will poo-poo this idea and say it's either the brain or our eyes playing tricks on us. Yet, the odd thing is that the medical profession is studying death in hospitals. When a person is dying they often will leave a nurse there to take notes as to what the person is saying. In Canada, when you die in hospital they leave your body for 1 hour so the "soul can pass." The body weighs several pounds less after death (the soul leaving) but still, many doctors believe this is gas and fluids releasing from the body. I find the medical profession contradicts itself often.

If you or the person you may be talking about is usually a well adjust person and has had a "vision" then they probably have.

However, be warned ... if you are in any group, belong to a cult, or someone is instilling over and over again to you that you will see a certain vision, then the person probably is not experiencing a true vision. Some religious beliefs can also have the same effect on a person. It's called "mind hysteria". Brain-washing is still alive and well. If someone told you that you would see 3 monkeys in the sky juggling coconuts then you probably would.

Go on "Google" and type in "history on human visions."

If a person is having visions, the safest course is to see a mental health professional.

The Human Mind Is More Powerful Than You May RealizeFrom previous answer:

"Many people experience "visions." As you know humans use just a small percentage of their brain and medical science is just now (after all these years) studying the brain and finding out amazing things about it."

I agree with the above sentiment to a high degree. The human mind is capable of incredible things, many things that can not yet be explained by science.

There are many kinds of "visions." Throughout history, including biblical accounts, there have been prophets and seers. In paranormal terms there are people classified as clairvoyants, precognitive, remote viewers, etc. Some dreams can be categorized as "prophetic."

There are also mental illnesses and medications that may cause someone to experience hallucinations and/or to hear voices. If someone is hearing voices, he should seek psychiatric help at once. Hallucinations are also serious and you should see your family doctor at once. They could be caused by a neurological problem, they may be a side effect of a medication (or illegal drug) you've been using, or some other reason altogether. One of the side-effects of Prozac, for example, can be hallucinations. I know this from experience.

I think many, many people have experienced mild clairvoyance or precognition and written it off as something like coincidence.

For example, dreaming of someone you haven't seen or even thought about in ages, then running into them or getting a call or letter from them the next day.

Or hearing the phone ring and knowing who it is before you answer it (and I'm not talking about the times when you are expecting a call from a specific person.) This happens to me a lot.

I've had dreams come true. For example, many years ago I had a dream about my stepfather's grandfather dying. I didn't know him well, didn't see him often, he lived far away and the last we'd heard, he'd been doing well health wise. My stepfather's family is considerably younger than my mother's and father's families, so the grandfather wasn't particularly old. Yet within less than a week of my dream, we got a phone call from a family member saying that the grandfather had had a heart attack and passed away. It was a little creepy.

So yes "visions" can come true. It's really not as uncommon as you might think. But it your having visions and it makes you feel uneasy or frightened, talk to a professional to ease your mind.

Yes. In particular if you are a born again Christian. This I know to be true because I have been born again 24 years and have had Gods Holy Spirit in me all that time. Ive had several visions and many dreams and, though they were informative, they were not world shattering. I know other Christians, sometimes pastors, sometimes ordinary believers God wanted to use, who have had visions that were shattering... and about the future. The Bible says as Christians we are to put everything to the test because Satan frequently goofs off with people in their sleep. 1 Thessalonians chapter 5 verse 19 says "Do not put out the Spirits fire. Do not treat prophecies with contempt. Test everything" etc. You can include visions in that as well. Do they make sense? Do they suit your family situation or on a larger scale the world situation? If my case as a collector of visions, prophecies and words of knowledge from the Christian churches I have to look at the man or the woman who makes the claim of receiving a vision... if the claim the are making is something startling. Are they born again Christians? What kind of Christian work do they do? Have any of their earlier visions/or prophecies come to pass? Do they go to a bible-believing Christian church? etc. How do you feel about the vision yourself if you have had one? Do you have peace about it? And no you are not ill if you have a vision or a dream. They do happen. Gods in Charge of earth and will send what He wants to whom He sends it. If you want to read about the great spirit war on planet earth read or click on Ephesians chapter 6 and verses 12 to 18. I know of what I speak about.

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Does Sufism believe in women's rights in Islam?

Sufism is part of Islam . All true sufis practice Islam and shariah . Hence they have no other view , their view is same as is islamic view . Women have rights as mentioned in Qu'ran and Hadith .

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Do lines have anything to do with optical illusions?

Yes, lines are a part of optical illusions it helps with the way the illusion works. I know kinda about this cuz I am doing a science fair project based on optical illusions Optical illusions are when your eyes play tricks on you. sometimes you have a blind spot, other times your brain will only see one thing at a time.

The brain sees them in different forms, and the optic nerve assists

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How do you create the illusion you're levitating?

age old question

they put metal under where they are going to perform they illusion and put very high strength magnets in there shoe.there whole shoe has manets all over it.(Actual Levitation)


Fold your arms, close your eyes, and float gently off the ground. Until you have mastered the trick of de-levitating, that is, of returning to earth, do not float too high, lest you break the gravity barrier and go off into space forever.


Well, this guy on the street corner sold me magic fairy mixture. Then, I flew through the clouds until the purple elephants came and got me. He called it "LSD"


Go into a space ship and go to outer space! Oh wait, that's not an illusion...


Flying is the trick of throwing yourself at the ground and missing (for more information on this, read the 'The Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy' series. It's a good series of books)

I once ate a magical mushroom and flew off into the sunset and was chased by the flying monkeys and a brigade of vicious garden gnomes.

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What causes a little red bump in the eye that causes the person to see black and white?

I doubt the little red bump is a direct cause of this symptom. The Retina of the eye is basically a large membrane of nerves which are light sensitive. Some of these are rod shaped cells and some are cone shaped. The cones are more in the center and are responsible for color vision. We have far fewer cones than rods. The rods see in black and white. It would seem that something has damaged or destroyed the cones of the Retina. As for the red bump I am uncertain. See an optometrist immediately before you loose more of your vision. You could have Glacoma--this will damage the retina--it is a build up of pressure inside the eye-ball.

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How is a magnifying glass used?

Magnifying lenses are used to magnify or make the object viewed appear bigger to observe it more clearly.

*See the Web Links and Related Questions for more information.

Optical Illusions

What does right eye flickering mean?

Scientifically speaking our eye lids flicker or flutter or twitch because the muscle surrounding the eye is becoming fatigued. The muscle becomes fatigued after it has been constricting for long periods of time.

Optical Illusions

Is amblyopia heritable?


Optical Illusions

What causes a mirage?

Mirages are caused by a distortion of light by alternate layers of hot and cool air. They are also called fata morgana.

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Is there blue blood inside the body and when it hits the oxygenthen it turns red?

Your blood is bright red in the artery and dark red in veins. You do not have [ blue blood ] . It only appears blue because the veins which are white are are carrying dark red blood and being viewed through the skin which difuses the light and makes them appear blue.

that is partly true but I have herd from all my teachers that your blood is blue in the arteries. Which when you get cut the air puts oxygen in the blood stream that makes the blood turn red.

answer #2

The statement that blood is blue inside the body and turns red when in contact with blood makes little sense. How can this be so when blood itself is used to transport oxygen throughout the body? It is not possible for blood to be blue inside the body as well as carry out one of it's main functions.


Actually blood is red in the arteries and blue in the vein. Blood in the artery has already combined with oxygen whereas blood in the vein has yet to receive oxygen. So in fact there is both red and blue blood. When a vein is cut open it hits oxygen in the air causing it to turn red.


The protein hemoglobin, which carries oxygen in the blood, changes shape when it binds oxygen. When it changes shape, it absorbs different wavelengths of light, making it change color. When blood is exposed to air, much more of the hemoglobin absorbs oxygen than had in the vein the blood came from (in the veins, the hemoglobin has already given up most of its oxygen to the body). Therefore, the blood turns red.

This also means that blood in the body, once it has been oxygenated, is also red, though much more so when it reaches open air. I think it would be a fun experiment to put your hand in a vacuum chamber with a tight seal around your wrist and prick your finger to see the difference in blood color.

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When the air conditioner runs it sounds like water running in the wall is this normal?

No, that is NOT normal, The reason it is making this sound is because the Air Conditioner is not draining correctly. This is either because you do not have it tilted towards the outside, or the drain is clogged.

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When dating is beauty really in the eyes of the beholder?

Beauty is ALWAYS in the eye of the beholder in every aspect of life....not just dating. Beauty can only be judged by each individual person's own ideas of beauty. One man's homely dog is another man's beauty queen.

AnswerI'm in agreement, for instance all the girls in school are in love with a guy because he's "SO" hot, but then you think he's not hot nor cute, but the school's ugly duckling is on fire. You know what i mean? AnswerDefinitely, there is no real definition of beauty, everyone has a different definition. When it comes to dating and everything else, go with your opinion. That special person is going to be the most beautiful being in the world... AnswerThe issue of subjectivity is apparent. Are the above views biased or objective ? Is the actual phrase an old cliche ? What do the studies by Social Psychologists tell us ? Human physical "beauty" appears to be an emotive subject and such emotion can cloud meaningful research. However, what definition of "beauty" do we share in order to have a rational debate ? AnswerAt the beginning of the relationship you'll only notice the external beauty. However over time this will change as you get to know the person more, if they have nice personality and they're compatible with your own then you'll see this individual as beautiful. On the other hand if that person have unlikeable personality, their physical beauty would mean nothing, you'll only notice the negative features of this person whether its physically or mentally (personality).
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Who sings this song' Cause in your eyes I can see the skies and all of heaven cause your your angel?

The song is by Musiq Soulchild. It's called "Aimewitu. You'll notice he's singing "...'Cause when I'M WITH YOU..." on the chorus. It's on some of the international releases of his first CD, like if you can find the version from Japan or the UK. It was never released in the US. Right now, I just have a copy of it on an old homemade mixed CD I got as a party favor at a banquet. It's a good wedding song, though.

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Does cold make objects get smaller?

Usually true, but there are many exceptions-- Water for example turns to ice which has a lower density (gets bigger). Water in fact is most dense at 40C. So from this temperature it gets "bigger" both ways. Rubber gets smaller when heated. This fact give rubber many of it's properties. A squealing fan belt in you car stops squealing when it gets warm because it shrinks.

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How do you create a 'Motion for Turnover'?

The forms for filing a MOT can be obtained from the office of the clerk or administrator of the court in which the action is to be filed. States establish laws concerning such issues, therefore they differ somewhat from state-to-state; it would be advisable for the involved party to consult with a qualified attorney or legal advisor before taking action if they are not versant in required procedure .

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Pink (musician)

What song has the lyric millions of eyes can see so why are you so blind?

The Bee Gees did a song called HOLIDAY who had the lyrics:

Millions of eyes can see

yet why am I so blind?

When the someone else is me

It's unkind, it's unkind.


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What is the difference between polarized sunglasses and regular sunglasses?

As opposed to regular sunglasses, polarized lenses reduce glare and improve vision clarity from flat surfaces like a wet road or the hood of a car. Many outdoors men and sports professionals prefer to wear sunglasses with polarized lenses for these reasons. Polarized lenses can also be of benefit indoors to reduce glare from bright lighting or surfaces.


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