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What is an important event from George Washington?


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He fought in the Civil War


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There where many things that happened when George Washington was president. That was mostly when everything happened He was president for about 16 years.

She made the American flag and met GEORGE WASHINGTON!!!

George Washington was important because he was the first president of the united states.

George Washington Carver is important because he discovered many uses for peanuts.

It was built in honor of George Washington.

George Washington was important to the history of the United States because he was a great leader.

his mom was an important aid to him

George Washington led the battle

George Washington was important because he was the first president.

She was the wife of George Washington.

ate girls cherries .got bad teeth, needed them in wood in his mouth afterwords

all that mattered to george was family and his country

George Washington was in the continental army and commander-in- chief also was the president

First of all, it is what did George Washington DO that was so important. He was the first president of the United states after helping us win the American Revolution.

He defeated the British in the Revolutionary War

she is george whashigtons wife

George Washington is an important figure in United States history. The number one thing that he is important for is being the first president of the Unites States.

George Washington Carver was important because he invented the peanut butter and he went to Iowa university and got his master degree in 1896

The Washington Monument is important because it is dedicated to our first president, George Washington, who lead us to the war with great britian

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