China and Chinese Territories

What is an important fact about China?

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They just passed a law that Chinese couples can only have one child.

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Why is China important?

China is important because it made gunpowder.

What is the most interesting fact about china?

Here is an interesting, and well known, fact: China is the most populated country.

Why are fireworks important to china?

They were important to China because they used it in war

Does China have colleges?

Yes, China is in fact a developed country so of course there are colleges in China.

Is foot binding was once practiced in china a fact or opinion?


What are some fact about China?

ugly a$$

Is industry and important activity in China?

why is china important to the global fashion industry

Who is an important person in Ancient China?

An emperor was a very important person in China.

Why was the ZHOU dynasty important to china?

the zhou dynasty was important to china for their inventions,leaders,and help and commitment to china.

Who was Zheng He of China?

An important river in China

Why is China important to the world?

because china is china and they are so big

Why are umbrellas important in china?

ambrellas are important to china becouse joe daddy sayed it was.

Are the Himalayas located in China or Nepal?

The Himalayas are in fact located on the border of China and Nepal, but scientifically in China as the most of it is located there.

Why are rivers important in china?

Rivers are important everywhere, because fresh water is scarce in China and is very important to all civilization.

What is a key fact?

A key fact is just a very important fact. More important than most of the other facts.

Why was paper important to ancient china?

paper was important to china because it was also used to make money.

Why is standardization important to China?

It was important because it helped make trade and cummunication easier through out china.

Why was the emperor's role important in China?

The emperor's role was important in China because they were rulers(KINGS/QUEENS:)

Why was family important in ancient China?

Family is important in ancient China because they rely on each other.

Why was steel and coal important to china?

Coal is important to china because they use it for a lot of purposes. Such as cooking.

Why is the Great Wall of China important to China?

The great wall of china is there to protect the country. ^.^

Is china located on the continent of Asia?

Yes, it is. In fact, China is a very large part of Asia.

Does China use cars?

Yes, in fact, China has become the top producer of cars in the world.

Why is Hu Jintao important to China?

because he is president of china

Why is so important about ancient china?

the great wall of china