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What is an inciting incident?


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Inciting Incident:

* The conflict that begins the action of the story and causes the protagonist to act

*Without this event, there would be no story. Also, it is better described as the State of Imperfection made explicit.

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The inciting incident is when Tom and Clare had sex on the couch

Once the Exposition has come to an end, the Inciting Incident begins the forward movement of the plot.

what is the inciting force of the Secret Garden

the inciting incident is when Neil founded out that his 'dad joined the army"

I would say the inciting incident in 'The Hunger Games' would probably be the reaping, where the tributes were drawn.

In a dramatic plot, the inciting incident is the decision or the event that starts the problem of the story. It is sometimes called the exciting incident or the plot point.

I think the inciting incident is when the meet each other in the forest and thats where the conflict (Man vs Man) begins..

The inciting incident of Breaking Dawn happens before Breaking Dawn starts. Bella's marriage is the inciting incident. From that beginning comes all of the other things that move the plot: her pregnancy, her transformation into a vampire, etc.

The inciting incident of this story happens immediately, if not before the story. An inciting incident will introduce the problem that the novel or story tries to overcome or solve. In this case, the moment of the crash which leaves the boys stranded on a deserted island would be the inciting incident. This moment actually happens before the book occurs. If you need to have something within the text, I would argue thatthe moment the boys realize they are without adults should be the next best event to call the inciting incident.

The inciting incident of Divergent is the choise of factions Tris Prior makes at the Choosing Ceremony before the crowd of everyone in her school community.

The inciting incident of a short story is the part of the story were something gets screwed up. This is when the problem begins! :)It would be a lesser charge than inciting to riot, but it means you started a disturbance.

You need the inciting incident early in the story, so usually in the exposition or rising action.

I think the inciting incident would be when Jonas becomes the Reciever because that is where the story leads up to when he find out about "release" and runs away. -RS

the inciting incident is anything that happens right before the beginning of the story. right before the climax. the citizens were celebrating for caesar but was forgetting about pompey

It is the event that sets in motion the central conflict of the story.

It comes after the exposition in a story.

The pestilence is the inciting incident in "Oedipus Rex" by Sophocles (495 B.C.E. - 405 B.C.E.).Specifically, the inciting incident describes the event that triggers all subsequent happenings in the play. It therefore is the pestilence with which Oedipus, the priest of Zeus and the suppliants are concerned when the play opens. The characters spend the rest of the play finding the cause and carrying out the solution to bad harvests, declining populations and dying livestock. Without the inciting incident of the pestilence, there in fact will be no story.

The inciting incident in Rikki Tikki Tavi was when Rikki Tikki killed the baby snake to protect the young boy. Then, Nag and Nagaina (adult cobras) seek revenge on Rikki Tikki. This inciting incident leads to the climax which is the fight between Rikki Tikki and Nag and the death of Nag.By: Nina Zuccaro

when they both have gift idea's for each other.

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