What is an instructional manual?

An instructional Manual has information in it to accomplish our to learn how to accomplish a specific task.
An instructional manual is a small booklet, usually paperback and under 50 pages, that gives you directions for how to assemble, operate, or troubleshoot a product. The booklet comes with the purchased product or some companies have an online site to download the booklet.

Popular Language

The phrase " Instruction Manual" has worked its way into popular language in a variety of settings or for a variety of topics. Since almost every product we buy has a "how-to" manual, these expressions sum up the frustration felt when people don't always know what to do. You might hear someone say things like:

  • Parenting doesn't come with an instructional manual.
  • They don't give an instruction manual when you have a baby.
  • No one has a Instruction Manual for life or how to live.