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Leo contains three spiral galaxies (Messier 96, Messier 95, Messier 66 and Messier 65) and one elliptical galaxy (Messier 105).

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What is a constellation in Leo?

Leo is a constellation - there is not a constellation inside Leo.

What constellation is Leo the lion in?

Leo is a constellation.

What solar system is the constellation Leo minor in?

Leo minor isn't in a constellation, it is a constellation. Leo minor lies between Ursa Major and Leo. It is bordered by Ursa Major, Lynx, Cancer, and Leo.

What stars are in the constellation Lion Leo?

One of them is the star Regulus in the constellation Lion (Leo).

Is there a chimera constellation?

No, but there is a constellation that look similar which is the Leo constellation(a lion).

What are close galaxy's to Leo?

Leo is a constellation, that is to say, a direction in the sky. Just as in any other constellation, there are lots of galaxies in this constellation.

Is Leo the lion a big or a small constellation?

Leo is the 12th largest constellation in the night sky.

Why was the constellation Leo named Leo?

because they liked the name leo

What astronomer found the constellation Leo?

The constellation Leo was always known, you just need to look at it to find it.

What is the brightest star in Leo constellation?

With an apparent magnitude of 1.4, Regulus is the brightest star in the constellation Leo.

What is the name of a star in the sky that makes the constellation Leo?

One of the stars in the sky that makes up the constellation Leo is named Regulus. The name of one other star that is in this constellation is 83 Leo A.

Where is the constellation Leo located in the sky?

Leo is one of the zodiac constellation in the second quadrant of the northern sky. The constellation is a symbol of the mythical lion named Nemian.

What constellation is between Leo and Ursa Major?

It is Leo Minor.

How do you locate Leo the constellation?

You can locate Leo the constellation by: 1: eating 2: drinking bear 3: looking in the sky!

How many stars make up the constellation Leo?

16 stars make up the zodiac sign, Leo, the constellation.

Where is the star Leo located and when is it located?

Leo is a constellation not a star . Although Leo is the name of a constellation, several of the stars in the constellation share the name. The star "Regulus" is also known as "Cor Leo". All of the brightest stars in Leo are designated "Leo" with a Greek letter prefixing "Leo" to indicate they are in that constellation. The constellation itself is found between Cancer and Virgo. Astronomically, the sun passes into the 30 degree portion of the sky marked by the constellation Leo from about mid August to mid September. Astrological systems assign the specific days a bit differently depending on the year and the particular astrological system. . Because the sun is in Leo in August to September, the best time to see Leo at night is from November to May. Leo is dominant in the night sky at the opposite time of the year from when the sun transits the constellation; that is, from February to March. . The Leonid meteor storm appears as if radiating from the constellation Leo, and is usually seen best in November.

What are some objects in space that begin with the letter L?

little dipper (constellation)Lacerta (constellation)Leo (constellation)Leo Minor (constellation)Lepus (constellation)Libra (constellation)Lupus (constellation)Lynx (constellation)Lyra (constellation)Lanx Australis (star)La Superba (star)Lesath (star)Lucida Anseris (star)

What is the origin of the Leo constellation?

from beyblade

Which Constellation Is Pictured As A Lion?


Which constellation is named after a lion?


How did Leo the constellation die?

It didn't.

What constellation is the Regulus star in?


Where was the constellation Leo discovered?

In the sky

What is the constellation in the shape of a lion?


What spring constellation the lion?


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