What is an omnivore?

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Omnivore is a word which refers to all organisms that are capable to eat both meat/flesh and vegetable. Examples of this are humans and domesticated animals (even though they are considered as carnivores, they become omnivore because they are being domesticated). There are also a number of wild animals that have developed diets as omnivores to deal with the different food availability in each season. For example bears will eat fish and berries, fruit, grasses etc
An omnivore is an animal which can eat meat but also vegetation. People and bears are examples of omnivores.
omnivores are animals that can and do eat both meat as well as fruit/vegetables/plants. Omnivores include Humans, pigs, bears,
An animal or an organism that eats plants and amimals, otherwise meat.
An animal that eats both meat and plants.
an omivore is an animals that eat both plants and animals.
An omnivore (from Latin: omne all, everything; vorare to devour) is a species of animal that eats both plants and animals as its primary food source.

A animal that eats plants or meat, they find herbevores for meat,but get killed by carnivores that only eat meat

They eat meat and flesh

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An omnivore is something that has both meat and vegetables in their diets (eats both)

For example: Humans that are not vegetarians, they eat both meat and vegetables.
An omnivore is an organism that eats both meat and plants; humans are omnivores we eat both.

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An omnivore is a creature that eats both plants and animals so if you a beef and been burrito you would be an omnivore because of the meat and the beans.

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Q: What is an omnivore?
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