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Online brokers offer up services that can help you trade stocks and mutual funds. They are very similar to local in-person brokers but generally are cheaper. Some people complain about the lack of the human element though.

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Q: What is an online broker and what do they do?
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Online Broker?

form_title=Hire an Online Broker form_header=An online broker can help manage your funds. Have you ever used an online broker service before?= () Yes () No What is the approximate amount of funds you have or plan to have invested?=_ What features do you want from the online broker?=_

What kind of insurance is Broker Online?

There is no insurance company named "Broker Online." However, "The Broker Online" is the website of the Broker magazine, which covers news on globalization and economics.

Can I get my broker license online?

You can get your broker's license online today. It will depend on what kind of broker work you are looking to do, but there are certain licenses you can get online.

Can you get an auto broker license online?

Yes, you can get a auto broker license online by first getting a Auto Dealer license because you need that to get to the auto broker license. You can take tests then buy auto broker license online.

Do you need a broker for online stock trades?

You do not need a broker to trade stocks online, although I would recommend that whenever trading stocks, either live or online, you should always talk to a broker.

What does an online broker do and is it essential to have one?

An online broker, like any broker, helps you buy and sell investments such as stock. Unless you are into investments, it is by no means required to have one.

Is it dangerous to get information or advice from an online broker?

No it is not dangerous to get information from an online broker. As with all financial decisions you have to research your broker and be sure they are with a reputable company. Online brokers can offer a varied number of services which are convenient to the customer.

Where can one find reviews on the cheapest online broker?

There are many different sites that offer reviews on the cheapest online broker. Some examples of sites that offer this type of information include Fool, Daily Reckoning, and Online Broker Guide.

What are some advantages of having a Canadian online broker if you live in Ontario Canada?

Some of the advantages of having a Canadian online broker if you live in Ontario, Canada is that you will get discounts since you're a Canadian citizen. The best rated online broker in Canada is Virtual Brokers.

Is FOREX an online foreign exchange broker?

FOREX is an online foreign currency broker. They offer foreign currency trading online. It is like eTrade but instead of investing in stocks, you invest in currency.

Where can one find a financial broker online?

A list of online brokers and tips on how to pick an online broker can be found on a website called "Fool". Online brokers and more tips can also be found on Yahoo's finance page.

How does one find a good online commodity broker?

An online commodity broker is someone who places online trades on behalf of their clients. It is a good idea to choose a commodity broker that is based nearby, as this means you will be able to meet them. FutureSource and FutureBuzz have many listings for commodity brokers.

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