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Some of the advantages of having a Canadian online broker if you live in Ontario, Canada is that you will get discounts since you're a Canadian citizen. The best rated online broker in Canada is Virtual Brokers.

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Q: What are some advantages of having a Canadian online broker if you live in Ontario Canada?
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Can you go into Canada on a dealer plate?

Yes, as long as you have Canadian Insurance placed on the car and have a Canadian Insurance ID Card while it is in Canada. Your insurance broker can provide this to you.

Which is the best Real Estate brokerage in Canada...?

In Ontario state Jeevan Punni is experienced broker with 15+ years of experience. For more you can visit : jeevanpunni

What services are provided by a Canadian customs broker?

Canadian customs brokers obtain clearances for shipping a company's goods at "Commercial Customs" ports of entry in Canada. If a US company wants to ship a large quantity of commercial goods to Canada, these brokers can obtain the necessary clearance.

What can one do on the Realtrack website?

On the Realtrack website you can find information on commercial properties in Ontario Canada. Information that can be found include address, street view photos and broker contact numbers.

Where in Canada can a custom broker be found?

There are many sources of customs brokers in Canada. Such sources include Interglobal-Logistics, ISL Customs Brokers, Fedex, and UPS. More information can be found on the website of the Canadian Society of Customs Brokers.

What are some advantages of Broker car insurance?

There are several advantages of Broker car insurance. The main advantage is that they are experts in their field and can mor easily and accurately compare insurance quotes on a like for basis.

Where could one find a Canadian mortgage broker?

One can find a Canadian mortgage broker by checking the Yellow Pages. There will be many listed there. It's a good idea to ask friends and family for advice on who they used.

What are some fees associated with Canadian bonds?

The biggest and most common fee associated with Canadian bonds is a broker fee. This is a fee payed to the broker who manages the money. Buying bonds on your own usually has no fees.

Is boat insurance mandatory in Ontario?

No. Source: I am an insurance broker and work in the marine department at my brokerage.

What are the advantages of using brokers to purchase medical insurance?

One of the main advantages of using an insurance broker is that the broker works for you and not for the insurance company so has an interest in finding the best products for each customer. A broker will also help during the claims process and this can make the claim process easier for the customer.

What are the advantages of using online discount brokers?

Using a discount broker saves you money. You may get less services and support though than a regular broker.

What are the advantages of using an insurance broker when purchasing a new health insurance plan?

The advantages of using an insurance broker are that they will know exactly how to approach any possible issues you may come across. They will answer any questions you may have and will help you through them.