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What is an open loop?

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Output is obtained for a given input and we cant control the output my means of any feedback loop control to the input

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Is a traffic signal is closed loop or open loop?

It is a open loop

Open loop and close loop system in injection moluld machine?

loop checking is perform before cable termination..the difference between a close loop and open loop is,tha close loop has a feedback while the open loop has not.

Advantages and disadvantages of open loop control system?

Describe the advantages and disadvantages of open loop system and closed loop system?? open loop system hasn't feed back

What is the definition of open loop process control?

it is when a control loop is open and processing

What is sensitivity of open loop control system?

The sensitivity of an open loop control system is always 1, it is due to no feedback involved in open loop.

Examples of the open loop system?

The system without feedback is known as open loop system. The examples of the open loop system are bread toaster, oven ,washing machine. The open loop systems are inaccurate & less complex.

What is an open loop control system?

Open Loop control Systems have input, then the input is processed by various components like amplifiers, filters etc, then final out stage.The main difference between open loop and closed loop systems is that in open loop systems there is no feedback.

What are the differences between open loop control systems and closed loop control systems?

in open loop systems feedback is not present while in closed loop it is present..

What is the definition of open loop and closed loop?

With the open loop, the output is not directly connected to the input while with the closed loop system, the output is directly linked to the input.

What is the difference between finite open loop gain and closed loop gain?

In a closed loop system the gain without the feed back loop being closed is called open loop gain!!! e.g if forward gain is "A" and feed back factor is "B" then open loop gain is "AB" and closed loop gain will be [A/(A+B)]

Is voltage stablizer open loop or close loop?


Is Human body open or closed loop control system?

human body is basically a mixture of open loop and closd loop system, all those actions where reflex actions come into picture, they make it a closed loop system and at some places it is open loop

What is an open loop in control systems?

A: By definition there is no control on a system in an open loop situation. simply . it has no feedback

What is the physical significance of infinite open loop voltage gain of an ideal operational amplifier?

Distortion is estimated as closed loop gain divided by open loop gain. If the open loop gain approaches infinity, distortion approaches zero.

Is the gain same for the same system in open loop and close loop?


What is open loop or closed loop?

tumhari ma ki chut

Advantages of open loop control system?

The open loop system is simple and economicaleasier to constructstable

Is the gain same for same system in open loop and closed loop?

A: DEFINITELY NOT Open loop is defined as no feedback. any kind of negative feedback will reduce the gain

Define an open loop control system?

open loop control systems usually are used to test certain hardware.

Is a lawyer a open or closed loop?

It depends. Which is more corrupt? -- An open loop or a closed loop? Whichever one is more corrupt, selfish, and greedy, then that is the one that befits attorneys.

Open loop and closed loop systems?

An open loop system bases input without taking into consideration any outside factors. A closed loop system will use other outside factors to determine its data.

Why closed loop control system is much stable than open loop control system?

A Closed loop system basically will have a feedback which enables the rectification of the error in the main process,whereas it is not possible in an open loop system

Define open loop engine management as apposed to closed loop?

Yes i can anwer it.

What is difference in close loop and an open-loop control?

no difference that's the difference

Is washing machine is open loop or closed control system and why?

closed loop system

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