What is anata ga damasu?

Updated: 12/17/2022
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Q: What is anata ga damasu?
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How do you say i dont like you in japanese?

anata ga aishitenai

When was Anata ga Ita Mori created?

Anata ga Ita Mori was created on 2006-03-15.

How do you say you're gorgeous in Japanese?

Anata ga gōjasu da there's no word for gorgeous anata ga bijin da is youre beautiful

You have no time for this in Japanese?

"Anata ga kore suru no jikan ga arimasen."

Thinking of you and i miss you in Japanese?

anata ga i nakute sabishiikutte itsmo anata no koto wo kangaette iru

How you pronounce Anata ga inakute sabishii yo?

anata ga inakute sabeshii = i miss you when you are not around pronounciation ->> aah na tah ga ee na koo te sa beh shh ee

How do you you say 'I hate you' in Japanese?

Watashi ga kirai.

What is the nihongo of miss you?

anata ga i nakute sabishii desu

How can you say you don't have in Japanese?

Anata ga motte i nai

What the meaning of anata ga suki?

It means "[I/someone] like you."

How do you say i love your eyes in Japanese romaji?

Anata no me ga daisuki

How do you write I like how you dance in romaji?

anata no odorikata ga suki