What is another name for Chinese gooseberries?

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Kiwifruit or Kiwi is another name for Chinese gooseberries [Actinidia deliciosa]. Other common names include Wood berry, Wonder or Unusual fruit, Vine or Macaque pear, Sunny or Macaque peach, and Hairy bush fruit. The name 'Chinese gooseberry' honors the plant's native range in China, and the plant's flavor reminiscent of the unrelated gooseberry [Grossulariaceae family]. The name 'kiwi' honors its New Zealand growers and exporters.
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Why are gooseberries called gooseberries?

The exact reason is not known but many expect that it is a corruption of the old german, french or dutch names for the plant. However, it is also likely that it was just named "gooseberry" and not actually a corruption of another word. Many plants have been named after animals for no apparent reason ( Full Answer )

What fruit is gooseberry?

Gooseberry is a fruit that geese make by eating berrys and then making them come out the other side. They the add a bit of dirt and water, and that makes gooseberry.

Where are Chinese gooseberries from?

Chinese Gooseberries are native to north-central and eastern Chinaare more commonly known as Kiwifruit. Note: Some people may know ofthem as "kiwis", this is the name for one of New Zealands nativebirds, and the nickname for New Zealanders. It is not the correctname for the fruit.

Where do Chinese gooseberries grow?

Chinese Gooseberries . Chinese gooseberries (kiwifruit) carrying the ZESPRI label are something special - juicy, delicious, nutritious. And just as they are great to eat, so are they guaranteed safe to eat. That's because at ZESPRI we have designed a system to ensure that every step of the way fr ( Full Answer )

What is another name for Chinese apples?

"Chinese apples" are Pomegranates! They are NOT oranges. I thought Chinese Apples referred to oranges. One of the words for referring to oranges in German is Apfelsinne (Chinese apple), and people living in the Caribbean (Dominican Republic especially) call oranges "Chinitas" (literally little Ch ( Full Answer )

What country do Chinese gooseberries come from?

Chinese gooseberries are from china but is now called kiwifruit or shorted to just kiwi, name after the animal kiwi (a brown flightless bird and New Zealand's National Symbol) and Kiwi is also the colloquial name for the New Zealand people kiwifruit is grown in New Zealand, Italy, Chile, France, ( Full Answer )

Names in Chinese?

There are many Chinese names for girls and boys. Some of theseinclude Sadia, Laniece, Naku, as well as Vikram.

How are Chinese dynasties named?

Contrary to what many assume, the dynasties are NOT named after the founding families, (ie. Han dynasty founded by Liu family, Jin dynasty founded by Sima family, Qin founded by Huang family, Zhou dynasty founded by Wang family....) Dynasties names are usually chosen based on someone or someplace of ( Full Answer )

How do you say whats your name in chinese?

你叫什么名字? 你ni,"Nea" in "Neal" 叫jiao, "G"+"ou" in "proud" 什shen,"sh" +"en" in "scent" 么me,"mo" in "memory" 名ming,"min" in "mint" 字zi,"es" in "oranges"

What are famous Chinese merchant's names?

There are many Chinese merchants that could be considered famous.Some examples are, Zhou_Xiang, Lu_Tian, Wang_Feng, Xu_Xian Bai_Qi,and

Chinese names of names Philippines?

Early Chinese traders who visited Mindoro called it Ma-yi or Ma-i which means land of gold, Liu-Sing, San Hsii or San Tao and Haitan.

Where are Chinese gooseberries grown?

Italy is the leading grower and producer of Chinese gooseberries [Actinidia deliciosa]. Other important countries in Chinese gooseberry production include Chile , China , France , Greece , Japan , New Zealand , and the United States of America. But the woody vine may be grown in just about ( Full Answer )

What is another name for Chinese gooseberry?

猕猴桃 Mi(2) Hou(2) Tao(2). It's also the Chinese name for Kiwi Fruit. Chinese gooseberry is an older, common name for the fruit of a woody vine of New Zealand. It's marketed as kiwifruit . Its scientific name is Actinidia deliciosa . A kiwi.

Can you freeze gooseberries?

Yes, gooseberries can be frozen. The gooseberries can be frozen ina freezer bag or in a freezer safe container.

Where did chinese gooseberries originally come from?

Chinese gooseberries or kiwifruit originated in northern China.There also are different species that are found in India and Japan.Today, kiwifruit is grown in many countries like New Zealand.

Where did the gooseberry get its name?

The origin of the English word 'gooseberry' [ Ribes uva-crispa ] has topological origin. The generic is the simple joining of the words 'goose' and 'berry'and the shape of fruit globose varying in color with a dry petals at the apex that look like goose head .There's no consensus as to why the two ( Full Answer )

Another word for Chinese opera?

There are numerous regional branches of Chinese opera, of which the Beijing 'Jingju' opera is one of the most notable.

How do you pronounce gooseberries?

GOOSEBERRIES refers to the fruit from a flowering shrub, and is pronounced as "goose" and "berries" (GOOS-beh-rees).

What is another name for Chinese paintings?

Chinese Painting in the traditional style is known today in Chinese as guó huà (国画 = Chinese Painting), meaning 'national' or 'native painting', as opposed to Western styles of art which became popular in China in the 20th century. Traditional painting involves essentially the same ( Full Answer )

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真的 (Zhēn de) means "really". Ex: 真的嗎? means "Really?" like the "really" in "That reallyhappened?" Or: 真的不好看. "Really doesn't look good."

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it depends on what you want it to mean. or you can just pick random拼音(pin yin) that sound like your name. unless you have a chinesename already. Ex: 戏码染 (xi4 ma3 ran3) - it sounds like simaran There are many other characters that you could use.

What is another name for Chinese New Year in mandarin?

Chinese new year has a lot of names in Mandarin. Such as 春节(chūn jié),过年(guò nián),除夕(chú xī ),过新年(guò xīnnián )。 From HujiangChinese

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Qin Shi Huang [First emperor of Qin dynasty and the first emperor to unite China]. Liu Bang, AKA Han Gaozu is first emperor of [Western] Han dynasty The famous Liu Che, AKA Han Wu-di, the seventh emperor of Han dynasty. His great-grandfather is the 5th son of the first Han emperor. He was the f ( Full Answer )

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Well, Dragons are a huge part of Chinese culture. There is the Marriage dragon, otherwise known as the Golden Dragon of Unity. To guard a house there is usually a Chinese ancestrial dragon... Then there are the 4 element dragons. LEGEND: There were once 4 Dragons. Red, Yellow, Black and White. Duri ( Full Answer )

What is the size of a gooseberry?

The fruit, borne singly or in pairs at the axils, is a berry withmany minute seeds at the center. A gooseberry may be green, white(gray-green), yellow, or shades of red from pink to purple toalmost black. Fruits of the European gooseberry may be very large,like a small plum, but are usually 1 inch l ( Full Answer )

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What is your name =ni jiao shenme mingzi? (Pinyin romanization) 你叫什么名字? [Simplified Chinese] 你 叫甚 麼 名字? [Traditional Chinese]

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You can transliterate your name into Chinese characters with similar pronunciation or translate it by meanings. Find information in 'get a Chinese name' websites or just ask here for help.

What is one name for the Chinese currency?

The 'yuan' is one name. yuan is the name of the denomination being used. The correct name of the currency = Renminbi. since most western countries don't distinguish between denomination & currency, it's the same name as the currency. But it's distinguished in Chinese. Renminbi = currency ( Full Answer )

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我的名字是亚力克西斯。[wǒ de míng zì shì yà lǐ kè xī sī] my name ---> 我的名字 is ---> 是 Alexis ---> 亚力克西斯

Where is the Chinese gooseberry from?

The Chinese gooseberry is better known as the Kiwi Fruit. It is native to China but has been cultivated the world over.

What is the Chinese name for SPCA?

If you are referring to the 'Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals', the association is known by different Chinese names in different countries. Most fall under 2 variations: 动物保护协会 --> lit. meaning 'animal protection society' dong(4) wu(4) bao(3) hu(4 ( Full Answer )

What is the theme in Gooseberries?

Disease features prominently in Chekhov's stories, and his protagonists often suffer tragic and untimely deaths. It is unsurprising that the author seems haunted by the notion of infirmity, since he was plagued by tuberculosis for most of his adult life and died of the disease at the age of forty-fo ( Full Answer )

What is the gooseberries color?

Gooseberries varie in colors. They can be red , or deep purple after they are finished growing, when they are growing they are green . So the answer to your question- green , red , and purple .

What happens with Chinese names?

well, the Chinese names arent like ours. they still have first and last names but the last name comes first when they are first born. ex. Americans: Harry Cook Chinese:Cook Harry

What is the name Lily in Chinese?

You can say" Li4 Li" 丽莉,very similar to English. If you need accurate translatign work, with not very big piece of chapter, I can help for free. I'm a Chinese girl, a freelance translater, any one comes to Guangzhou city in China and need a interpreter, call me +86 13672468136 or ( Full Answer )

Are gooseberries poisonous?

Large quantitys of fermented gooseberry juice may make you sick, but so will a 24 of beer. My grandma made pies and wine.

Is a gooseberry a kiwi?

No. A kiwi is a bird. A gooseberry is a fruit. The gooseberry is also different from the kiwifruit . The gooseberry is a berry, while the kiwifruit is a vine fruit.

What color is a Chinese gooseberry?

The Chinese Gooseberry is the Kiwi fruit. Given the name Kiwi because they are very much grown in New Zealand, whose people are known as 'Kiwis' after one of their unique birds. The outer skin is brown or golden brown. The colour of the flesh of the original fruit was bright green. Now there are ( Full Answer )

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A Chinese cymbal is an instrument that makes a dark explosive tone. A crash is also an instrument that is round and thin and make a high pitch sound. So it really is up what the person on whether to get a Chinese cymbal or a crash.

What is the Chinese of what is your name?

你叫什么名字 nǐ jiào shénme míngzì? Listen Chinese Translation: 你叫什么名字 Chinese Pinyin: nǐ jiào shénme míngzì? Literal Meaning: You called what name?

What are Chinese gooseberries commonly known as?

They're usually sold as kiwi fruit. They come from New Zealandwhere the kiwi is both an iconic bird and the the nickname forpeople from that country. It's also considered to sound moreappetizing than "gooseberry."