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Google Docs presentation-type documents can also be created using Microsoft PowerPoint. Both are called presentations.

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You can create Google Docs spreadsheet-type documents using Microsoft Office Excel. Both are called spreadsheets.

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Q: What is another name for Google Docs speadsheets?
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How you cite a Google doc?

To cite a Google Doc in a research paper or academic work, you can include the title of the document, the author's name (if available), the publication or last modified date, the URL, and the access date. An example citation for a Google Doc could be: Author's Name. "Title of Document." Google Docs, URL. Accessed Day Month Year.

How do you change language in Gmail docs?

From within your document, from Tools, choose Translate. Name the translated file and choose the language into which you want your document translated. Click OK.

Is there a way to make Google Docs default to ordering the documents by name rather last modified?

From your Google Docs home, you can choose 'Try the new look' (option available as of 11Sept5), where you can sort your work according to several pre-set sort criteria.In the new look, you can Narrow by other pre-set criteria.Ordering by name per se does not seem to be available.

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How do you get rid of Google drive and back to normal Google Docs?

once you switch to drive you can uninstall it off your computer the documents are still there under drive and it becomes like that but you can still use documents the same way under the name drive

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How do you put a header on a Google Docs?

Header is typically the name of a style, which includes the font, font size, alignment and so forth. You have several options:You can develop a Header style in a Google Docs document and then choose it when you want to add your header.You can merge several cells, choose a font size and choose an alignment, then type a header into a spreadsheetYou can choose a presentation style, and either use the default heading or adjust a heading style to what you want.