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Nominal accounts

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Q: What is another name for a real account in accounting?
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Is bank account a real account in accounting?

No bank account is a Personal account in Accounting

Why is my YouTube name my real name?

Now, YouTube makes you create another google plus account with your real name to verify your account.

What are three golden rules of accounting explain them in detail?

Real account personal account nominal account

Is bills payble account is a real account?

Bill payable is a personal account and only cash and bank accounts are real accounts in accounting.

Is bills payables a real account?

No, bills payables is not a real account but it is a personal account .My answer:Bills receivable is a real account. Bills receivable for one person is bills payble for another person. The same instrument cannot be Real for one person and personal for another. Hence, in my opinion Bills payable is also a real account.

Is accumulated depreciation a real or temporary account and why?

It's a real account. Easy way to remember it is by remembering the accounting formula. Assets= Liabilities+ Capital- Withdrawals+ Revenue- Expenses Withdrawals, Revenue and Expenses are temporary and get closed at the end of the accounting cycle. Since Accumulated Depreciation falls under the Assets account and is a contra asset

What is kendall jenner's real youtube account?

The name of Kendall Jenner's real YouTube account is not listed, but there are accounts with her name that may not be operated by her.

Is accounts receivable a real account in accounting and is goodwill a real account in accounting?

Accounting in account real a goodwill is and accounting in account real a receivable accounts is. Real accounts, i.e. Balance Sheet accounts are ongoing perpetual records and represent "real" items; cash, receivables, inventories, accounts payable, invested capital, etc., etc. Accounts receivable and goodwill therefore are both real accounts as they have value in and of themselves.😧😧 Nominal accounts represent items of income and expense. Nominal accounts have no balances at the beginning of an accounting period and change as various debits and credits are applied as a result of activity of income and expense throughout the accounting period. At the end of the accounting cycle the nominal accounts are returned to zero by debiting them by an amount equal to their credit balance if such exists, or crediting an account if it has a debit balance. The offsetting entry of each of these is to a Profit or Loss Account. If after all accounts are zero, the P&L account has a debit balance then operations were profitable (income exceeded expenses), and conversely with a credit balance a loss was incurred. The P&L is then "closed" by either debited or crediting to bring it to zero, whichever is appropriate, with the offsetting entry going to "Retained Earnings", a real account, and bringing the Balance Sheet into balance and leaving all nominal accounts at zero. To put it another way if all debits and credits of the General Ledger are added up, then they will both be equal. But if only the debits and credits of the nominal accounts are added up there will be a difference and that difference, depending on whether it's a credit or debit will be the profit or loss. Similarily if the debits and credits of the real accounts are added they will be different by the identical amount of adding the nominal accounts only opposite.

What is the 3 golden rules of accounting?

personal accounting nominal accounting real accounting

3 important activities in accounting process?

real accounting, nominal accounting,personal accounting

What is the 3 golden rules of?

personal accounting nominal accounting real accounting

What is skydoesminecarfts account?

i think its his real name or year

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