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A refrigerator is commonly shortened to "Fridge" in Britain.

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What is another name for refrigerator?


Why are medications stored in a refrigerator?

name 2 medicines stored in a refrigerator

Why did the inventor name it refrigerator?

The name refrigerator is intended to mean that which makes things frigid (meaning very cold).

What is the name of the football player nicknamed 'The Refrigerator'?

William "The Refrigerator" Perry.

How did William Perry get the nickname 'The Refrigerator'?

He got his name because he was as big as a refrigerator.

What is the name of the oldest refrigerator?


What are the cheerleaders name?

The name of Refrigerator Perry's cheerleaders was "The Refrigerettes"

New name for a trendy refrigerator?


What was the brand name of the first refrigerator?


What is William Perry's nick name?

The Refrigerator

What was the real name of the refrigerator?

ice box

The refrigerator real name?

William Perry

What is the name of refrigerator in Telugu?

saddi petti

What is French word for wine refrigerator?

"une cave à vin" (une cave is a cellar in French, but une 'cave à vin' is a wine refrigerator. Another name, much less in use, is 'une armoire à vin'

What is the difference between a refrigerator and refrigerator?

i hear that fridge was the first company who has made the refrigerator , i just was a company name its not a device name !! !! i also want to know truth about this confusion and till i got the above mentioned information

What is another word for 'leftovers'?

In our family, we call them "refrigerator surprise."

Why does my refrigerator keep tripping the breaker?

The most likely possibility is the refrigerator has a problem and needs to be fixed. Another possibility is the refrigerator is on a circuit that does not have enough current capacity to operate it and other appliances that are on the same circuit.

Does a refrigerator change heat into cold remove thermal energy from inside the refrigerator or cause thermal energy to disappear?

Thermal energy never disappears, but it can be moved from one place to another, which is what a refrigerator does. If you examine your refrigerator you will be able to observe that there are heat exchange tubes (usually on the back) which get hot as they pump heat from the interior to the exterior of the refrigerator.

What would Americans call a refrigerator?

It could depend what era the American is from. I've heard a refrigerator referred to as:refrigeratorice boxcoolerfridgeby the brand name - like Frigidaire or Kelvinator

What does icebox mean in the outsiders?

An icebox is the old name for refrigerator.

Is refrigerator a common noun?

Yes, refrigerator is a common noun, a word for any refrigerator of any kind.A proper noun is the name of a person, place, thing, or a title; for example:William 'Refrigerator' Perry, NFL Defensive LinemanRefrigerator Canyon Road, Colville National Forest, Republic, WAWhirlpool RefrigeratorThe Refrigerator of Bernard Buffet, French artists rights case Buffet v. Fersing (1962)

How does a refrigerator freezer remove thermal energy?

thermal energy never disappears but, it can be moved from one place to another which what a refrigerator does. on the back of a refrigerator there are heat exchange tubes which get hot as they pump heat from the interior to the exterior of the refrigerator. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- you can thank me by subscribing to my youtube channel (MyChinman) i post comedy and other skits :)

Sony Ericsson's k650i?

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Name the parts of the basic refrigerator?

there is a tray below the de-fridge

Name the substance which is commonly employed as a cooling agent in the refrigerator?