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What is another name for boss?

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Another name for boss?


What is the boss's name in Of Mice and Men?

The boss has no name. he is just referred to as the "boss"

What is the name of the final boss in mgs3?

Her name is "The Boss" (Also known as "The Joy")

What is name of the boss of a shield?

either the boss, or an Umbo.

What is the name of the founder of Hugo boss?

its..Hugo Boss

How do you say boss in Russian?

Boss in Russian is nachalnik or shef. but usually Russians use the name + father's name to refer to a boss.

What is the name of Team Galactic's Boss in Pearl?

Team Galactic's Boss' name is Cyrus.

How do you get a recruiter's job in New York?

You have to quit get your name changed or ask your boss to give him another position or fire him

What is boss bailey's real name?

Rodney "Boss" Bailey.

What is the creepy steeple boss name in paper Mario?

The name of the boss can be found in the Creepy Steeple by using Vivian's ability near the parrot. The parrot reveals the name Doopliss which is the boss' real name

What is another name for someone who's a nerd?

Geek, bookworm, computer rat and someday people will probably be calling him or her "BOSS".

Another word for boss?

A__ h*&^%

What is another word for someone who tells you what to do?

A boss

What is another word for in charge?

boss, authority,

Who is the boss of answerscom?

There isn't actually a boss to The guy that invented is the guy you are giving the name boss.

What was the name of Jack Tripper's boss on the show Three's Company?

Frank Angelino was the name of Jack Tripper's boss.

How do you say the boss in Russian phonetically?

nachalnik or shef. but usually russians call boss with a name+father name

Name something you might ask your boss for?

I would ask my boss for a raise.

What do it mean when you have a complaint about another co worker and your boss tell you to just let it go?

report it to their boss.

What is name of your boss?

His name is Carlos Steve the 2.

How do you tell your boss you are looking for another job?

Best thing to do is wait until you have actually found another job before telling your boss. Just a thought.

What is another word for manager?

boss or sir usually

What is another word for boss starting with E?


What is a barseman?

Barseman is another word for boss man.

What to do if your boss is discriminating against you?

Get another job, quickly.

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