What is another name for pencil eraser?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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Q: What is another name for pencil eraser?
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What word is right pencil eraser or eraser pencil?

pencil earser

What is the name of lee pencil eraser?

Well if the pencils name is lee the the eraser is called lil lee.

What are pencil eraser uses?

three uses of an eraser is a white board eraser a pencil eraser and a black board eraser

What is the name of the metal band that holds an eraser on a pencil?

metal is that part.

In which part of the pencil are metallic bonds found?

The end of the pencil were the eraser is.

A pencil and an eraser together cost 2.00 The eraser costs 1.50 more than the pencil How much does the eraser cost?


What substance did Joseph Priestly name for its ability to erase pencil marks?

An eraser

Is A pencil easier to balance on its sharp tip or on its eraser?

A Pencil is easier to balance on it's eraser because the eraser has a more flater surface.

How long is a mechanical pencil eraser in inches?

A mechanical pencil or propelling pencil is a pencil with a replaceable and mechanically extendable pencil lead.The eraser is fitted on top of the pencil at the opposite end to the lead.The maximum length of the eraser would be no more than half an inch when new.

What is un gomme in English?

an a pencil eraser

Name 2 things in your desk that are rectangular prism?

Pencil box and pink eraser.

What is the word earser in Spanish?

It depends on which type of eraser you are talking about: Goma - The eraser at the end of a pencil or rubber eraser - sometimes called Goma de borrar. Borrador - Blackboard or dry erase board eraser - sometimes also pencil eraser. Limpiador - "Cleaner" is sometimes used as eraser Protector - "Protector" was the name of the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie "Eraser" in Spanish. Borrar - is the Spanish word to erase.