What is another name for sewage?

Updated: 11/21/2022
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Q: What is another name for sewage?
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What is the name for solid raw sewage that is a type of ocean pollution?

The name solid raw sewage is called a sludge

Name the engineer responsible for the London sewage system?

Joseph Bazelgette designed and built the first sewage system for London

Name of back side body where the sevage out?

Sewage outlet..... err the Thames, the Mediterranean........ Sewage outlet..... err the Thames, the Mediterranean........

What is the name for a building's system of pipes that carry water and sewage?


Name four sewage disposal?

There are four sewage disposal systems available to the general public. The septic tank, the sanitary sewer, the storm sewer, and the domestic sewer.

Is sewage biodegradable?

Sewage is non-biodegradable.

What is the nutrient present in sewage?

What are the nutrients present in sewage? What are the by products of waste water treatment? Name a plant which can absorb waste water rapidly and release pure water vapour to the atmosphere.

Is sewage a utility?

Sewage is a waste product carried by sewers.Sewers are the pipes used to carry sewage. Sewerage is the provision of the facility to remove sewage. Sewerage is the utility.

What kind of energy resource is sewage?

sewage stinks

What are the major types of sewage?

treated and untreated sewage

How do the microorganisms help in sewage treatment?

Sewage treatment plants use microorganisms to destroy the biological material in sewage.

How is sewage carried out of cities?

Sewage is carried out of city's with sewage pipes that leads to rivers, oceans and seas. The problem with that method, is sewage pollution, which could have malicious effects on the environment.