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Medieval Times

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What did the baker do in th middle ages?


Why were the middle ages called dark ages?

no art or poretry with th fell of rome

When did th middle ages end?

i dnt know and that's it

What was the age after the middle age the after age or the Renaissance age?

The Renaissance Age was th age after the Middle ages.

Where did herbalists from the middle ages live?

they lived in th ebasement of a manors house

What were jobs of a knight in the middle ages?

to keep th eking/queen safe

What did the chistians think of the musims in the medieval yimes?

In th Middle Ages, Christians in the Middle East were content to live alongside the mainly Muslim population.

4 A book from the Middle Ages that had many illuminations and was used to teach?

th book that was used is my butt book hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is another name for th cell body?


What is another name of the feast of th Passover?


What is another name for th United Kingdom?

Great Britian

What is the name for your heart?

another name for your heart is th main organ of your bodybrijrajsinh

What is a another name for columns in th peridoc table?

They're called groups

When was th flip camera invented?

ages ago

Is francisco vasquez de coronado th same as Francisco Coronado?

yes. vasquez is his middle name.

What is Nicole Anderson's middle name?

Gale. you can find it in th Dec/Jan issue of pixie mag

What is another name for the d-block elements?

what the nema of th d-block in elements

What is another name for Spring Festival as it is commonly called in th West?

Chinese New Year

The chemists is another name for the periodic table?

the answer is calendar

Atomic name for Th?

Th is the element Thorium.

Is 'th' sound in weather initial or final?

Although the 'th' is in the middle of the word weather, the sound is that of an initial 'th' because it is the initial sound of the second syllable, ther.

What was another name for the pilgrims given because of their action against th church of England?

Protestants (because they protested against the church)

What is chemical symbol on th periodic table?

Name: ThoriumSymbol: Th

What does the name Cale mean?

Cale means a beautiful,pretty,cool,and all the other nice words in th means a peaceful yet active mind. Cale is usually a middle-name

What would you have to do as a peasant in the middle ages?

you most likely farm youd live in a small village out side a castle.meat would be very rare to find and th only kind of wheat youd eat was thick bitter black bread.

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