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Edwardian collar?

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Q: What is another name for the frill round the necks of frilled lizards?
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What was the thing on mens necks in Tudor times that looked like a collar?

they were called ruffs they were frilled and were either pinned to their ears or it lay on their neck

What is another name for brontosaurus?

Apatosaurus.long necks!

What is the life span of a lizard?

It depends on the type of lizard. Blue tongues are usually 5-6 years, geckos are 10-12 years, frilled necks are 6-18 years, and bearded dragons are 16 years.

What wood is best for guitar necks?

Their is no "best" wood for necks. As long as it's hard and stable it should be fine. One may think maple is the best wood to use for necks while another may think mahogany is better. Sound and feel of the woods are slightly different and not better than one another.

Do flies have necks?

No, Flies do not have necks.

Do reptiles have fins on the outside of their body?

Some reptiles possess characteristics which may resemble fins, but no, reptiles do not have fins. Fish have fins. An example of a fin-like structures on a reptile would be a dewlap. This is a flap on skin under some lizard's necks used primarily for territorial and mating displays. Although the fins of fish may be used for these purposes to some extent, the primary purpose of fins is moving through water. Another fin-like structure on a reptile would be a frill around the neck. The purpose of a frill is the same as a dewlap.

Do koalas have necks?

yes koalas do have necks

When was The Necks created?

The Necks was created in 1989.

Why do flamingos have long necks?

Flamingo's have long necks because they use it for fighting enemy's by swinging their necks.

How many necks does Ravana have?

Ravana has 10 necks

Can gecko lizards swim?

They can tolerate warm water baths sometimes, but their bodies aren't made for swimming. If the water goes above their necks, they freak out. If it rose above their heads, they'd probably drown.

What are the red bubbles lizards blow on their necks?

The dewlap is an extendible flap of skin ordinarily folded under the throat of a lizard. Lizards, particularly those in the genus Anolis, extend their dewlaps during interactions with conspecifics (their own species), other lizards, and potential predators. Dewlap extension is effected by movements of elements of the hyoid apparatus. This was paraphrased from research material held by the Department of Zoology, University of Tennessee.

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