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This could be pregnant, or in calf. By the way, its cows that are only pregnant, it is physically impossible for calves (as they are babies) to get pregnant.

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Q: What is another term for a calf in gestation?
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How long is the gestation of calf?

about 270 days

Do cows produce milk when pregnant with calf?

Only if they have given birth to a calf before and are in their first or second gestation period and have a calf still suckling on her. But otherwise, if this is the cow's first calf, then no.

How does a 7.5-month gestation compare to a 9-month gestation in cattle?

Seven-and-a-half months of gestation is much too early for cattle. Calves born at this age are deemed premature and their chances of survival are quite slim because they are not quite fully developed. It is much better to let a cow carry a calf to full term (which is more like 9.5 months rather than 9 months exactly) than to force her to abort a calf too early and risk the calf's survival.

What is the term for the length of pregnancy?

Gestation, or a gestation period.

What is a bob calf?

An Australian term for an orphaned calf.

What is a bovine heifer?

Bovine is another term for cow or cattle. Heifer is a cow that has had no calf yet.

What is the weight of a baby calf at 4 months of gestation?

A fetus at 4 months of gestation is the size of a small cat--which is around 5 to 10 lb.

What is the term for pregnancy?


What is the medical term meaning pertaining to the calf?

Sural is the medical term meaning pertaining to the calf.

What is the expected birth weight of a calf?

Sixty to 70 pounds is the average birth weight for a calf, but it varies based on size, breed, gender of the calf, health of the mother and the length of the gestation period.

What is the medical term meaning calf region?

Sural region is the medical term meaning calf region.

What is the medical term meaning pregnancy?

Another word for Pregnancy is Gestation.

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