What is another word ending in le which means rotten?

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What is the rule for words ending in el or le?

There is no hard and fast rule but -le is much more common than -el. That is true, but there are also some grammatical guidelines. 1. Verbs (action words) have the -le spelling (fizzle, fumble), so do nouns (table, angle) and adjectives (acceptable, deductible) 2. Nouns can also be spelled with -e ( Full Answer )

What are some words that end with le?

Some words that end with LE are: . Able . Apple . Bible . bubble . Cable . cradle . dazzle . dole . eagle . example . exile . fable . follicle . gable . gentle . guile . hole . horrible . hustle . icicle . idle . jungle . kettle . knuckle . ladle . little . maple . mile . ( Full Answer )

What is rotten?

Rotten is when a object turns into molds excpet it is not an edibal food

What words have double consonants in the middle and end in le?

exxon, esso, wetter, otter, little, letter, settle, bottle, fiddle, fodder, ladder, meddle, middle, muddle, mottle, piddle, puddle, riddle, waddle, toddle, miss, moss, missing, boss, bunny, sunny, funny, bossy - these are just a few of many words that have double consonants.helo reece

What word means make rotten?

The best word to describe the phrase make rotten would be spoil.The definition of spoil is to destroy or harm something to lessenthe value or quality of it.

Other words for spoiled rotten?

For sure! Spoil someone rotten means to do everything possible to satisfy someone's desires. as in: " Those children are spoiled rotten by their grandparents". E.g " Dad always spoiled us rotten and Mum was the one who's disciplined us".. Also you can figure out the meaning through this context, as ( Full Answer )

What is another word that means original?

Depending on the context, "original" can mean indigenous, native,aboriginal, autochthonous; first, earliest, early, first, earliest;primary; untouched, unedited, uncut, authentic, genuine, actual,true, bona fide, innovative, creative, imaginative, inventive; new,novel, fresh, refreshing; unusual, un ( Full Answer )

What does rotten mean?

It means decayed, spoiled or decomposed. Also foul, bad smelling and used in another way it can mean corrupt dishonest or bad.

What does the word le mean in English?

It would help if you told the name of the language that the word is from. In Spanish, le is "he" or "she" or "you" when added to the end of a verb, such as "Quiero decir le algo," means "I want to tell him (or her, or you) something.". In French, le can mean the, him, her, it, or them.

List of words with -le at the end?

hole whole little rule while available unavailable able apple acceptable unacceptable table fable bible humble trouble tumble crumble grumble rumble stumble scramble ramble candle handle needle noodle poodle simple sample example people ( Full Answer )

What happens when you add Ly to words ending with Le?

Adding -Ly to words ending with -Le will make/change theword an adverb. Able: adjective Ably: adverb Capable: adjective Capably: adverb Comfortable: adjective Comfortably: adverb Horrible: adjective Horribly: adverb Idle: adjective Idly: adverb Incredible: adjective Incredibly: adverb Noble: ( Full Answer )

What does something is rotten in Denmark mean?

Originally it's the ominous start from Shakespeare's Hamlet "There's something rotten in the state of Denmark..." It referred to the foul play involved in the plot.

What does the word le dessin mean?

"un dessin" means a drawing, especially one you did using a pencil.. "tu veux un dessin / tu veux que je te fasse un dessin ? Il faut te faire un dessin ?" is a somewhat disparaging sentence (sometimes threatening) intending to say that you're understanding nothing and that you have to leave / do a ( Full Answer )

What does the French word 'le porche' mean?

The word 'le porche' means the porch . English speakers tend to say 'on the porch'. But French speakers say 'sous le porche', which actually means 'under the porch'.

Words that end in le?

Cuddle . Middle . Latle . Male . Thimble . Avel . Phiddle . Cradle . Crille . Catipille . Nosumle Words that end in er: . Taser . Maker . Teller . Aborter . Abider . Bander . Challenger . Lofter . Lifter . Mosier Words that end in ul or: . Radior . Rador . Razor . ( Full Answer )

What words end in - le?

able . apple . aisle . Bible . bile . buckle . bubble . baffle . battle . brittle . bottle . cable . couple . cycle . capable . dribble . dabble . double . epistle . fiddle . futile . girdle . guile . giggle . griddle . gargle . hurdle . hole . huddle . ladle . liable . ( Full Answer )

Words ending in el or le?

able . angel . available . angle . ankle . bevel . barrel . bottle . battle . bristle . buckle . bushel . crackle . chuckle . channel . chisel . double . dazzle . dispel . decibel . duffel . easel . enable . fable . funnel . flannel . gamble . giggle . hotel . humble . ( Full Answer )

What does There is something rotten in the state of Denmark mean?

There is an injustice being perpetuated in the Danish royal house. ....Mmmm , the Royal House bit in the above reply is historicaly correct.But seeing how we are not in 1603 , intodays world , this phrase means to convey CORRUPTION

What is an eight letter word that starts with T and ends in LE?

Tangible: able to realized; able to be touched; actual. Tentacle: long flexible organ; hair on plant leaf. Terrible: awful; unpleasant; low in quality; very serious or severe. Throttle: valve used to control the flow of a fluid; to kill a person or animal by choking. Triangle: a three-sided ( Full Answer )

What is a sentence using the word rotten?

It was a rotten way to end what had been a rotten day. The fruitwas rotten. The word rotten can be used as an adjective or anadverb.

What are some words end with le?

Some words that end with 'le' are: . probable . impossible . people . male . sale . Popsicle . smile . pile

What is another word meaning false?

apocryphal , beguiling, bogus , casuistic, concocted, contrary to fact, cooked-up, counterfactual, deceitful , deceiving, delusive , dishonest , distorted , erroneous , ersatz *, fake , fallacious , fanciful , faulty , fictitious , fishy, fraudulent , illusive , imaginary , imprope ( Full Answer )

A 6 letter word starting with in and ending with le?

inadmissible . inadvisable . inconceivable . indescribable . indispensable . indistinguishable . indissoluble . indisputable . indestructible . inseparable . insurmountable . interchangeable . intermingle

What does the spanish word les mean in English?

Well, when it is in les gusta(n), it means they/you like. So it means they/you and is in plural form. When you use a translator, it says it means he. I would go with they/you if you are using it with gusta(n).

How does the Ipod game 'Rotten City' end?

You have to defeat a humongous wave of zombies, after that you get to the airport and board the plain. After that you'll see another screen of the main character in "the island"

8 letter words ending in LE?

adorable . beanpole . credible . crucible . domicile . embezzle . feasible . fishpole . forcible . gullible . horrible . molecule . obstacle . particle . schedule

Another word meaning like?

Another word for like as in "I like that person..." is -inspired Another word for like meaning "I have a game which is like..." is -such as. I hope this has helped you find your answer. By Lucy

What is the meaning of the words Après le déluge?

The meaning is 'After the flood'. The words Après moi, le déluge -- after me (comes) theflood -- are attributed, as a premonition of the French Revolution,to King Louis XV of France (1710-74), although if anyone in factused the phrase or one like it in this sense, it is more likely tohave b ( Full Answer )

What you another word that means cheap?

Depends on what kind of cheap? People can be considered "cheap" because they are greedy. Cheap can also refer to a price. such as less expensive.

What does a goodly apple rotten at the heart mean?

as I understand it, a goodly rotten apple is someone (or something) who is a part of system, a group, who is themselves bad and will likely corrupt the other members of the group, cause trouble, etc...

What six letter words end with 'le'?

aedile . aemule . alible . allele . ampule . ancile . arable . areole . argyle . audile . availe . awhile . babble . baffle . bangle . bastle . battle . bauble . bawble . beadle . beagle . beetle . bezzle . bindle . bingle . birsle . bobble . boddle . boggle . boodle . ( Full Answer )

What does the french word 'Le' mean?

Le means ' the ' However, le is only used for MASCULINE words. eg. le garcon (m)= the boy le Canada (m)= Canada la also means the except used for FEMININE words. eg. la fille (f)= the girl la Swiss (f)= Switzerland les means the except used for PLURAL words. eg. les filles ( ( Full Answer )

What does it mean to dream of rotten oranges?

The rotten oranges represent something in your life that ought tobe pleasant and lovely, but turns out to be rotten or nasty. Thatmight be anything from a homework assignment or a shopping trip toa disappointing relationship.

What does les bouffons mean french word?

"Bouffon" is a slang word to insult or mock persons, used by urban chavs mostly. Conservative ex-President Sarcozy was frequently being called a "bouffon". "Les bouffons" is the plural form, it's the same etymology as English "buffoon", "joker", "fool", someone that you can't take seriously and ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when you dream of rotten strawberries?

The dream means that something has recently happened in your lifethat you expected to be fresh and pleasant, but turned out to benasty. Those rotten strawberries might represent anything from adisappointing shopping trip to a spoiled relationship.

What is the meaning of a dream of losing a rotten teeth?

Brush your teeth more often... A serious response: In dreams, teeth generally symbolize power or potency, as in familiar phrases like "put some teeth into it." Rotten teeth suggest corrupted power, so getting rid of that sort of teeth/power would be beneficial in the long run, even though painfu ( Full Answer )

What does the word le fay mean?

It is the anglicized form of French "la fée", meaning "the fairy". It seems strange that English speakers would add this pseudo French epithet to the name of the fairy "Morgan le Fay", especially since it is not even grammatically correct, it should be the feminine "la" instead of masculine "le" ( Full Answer )

What does le in the word element mean?

If you're suggesting that the word element can be broken down into segments with different meanings, it cannot. Pronunciation-wise it can be segmented, but linguistically it has always been one word. It originally comes from the Latin word elementem which means "rudiment, first principle, matter ( Full Answer )

What is another word for speed that ends with city?

You are probably thinking of the word "velocity" but they are not the same thing. Speed is a measure of the distance traveled in a unit of time. 50 miles per hour, for example represents a speed. It says nothing about the direction of travel. Velocity is also a measure of speed but it also has a ( Full Answer )

What does the French word le sejour mean?

Time spent in a place for leisure, a stay Un séjour à la montagne : a stay in the mountains It's also mean the living room as la salle de séjour shortened in le séjour