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A common alternative name for Abraham is "Ibrahim."

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Q: What is another word for Abraham?
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What is another word for ancestor?

forebearers fore fathers

What is the word for Abraham's promise with god?

The word is covenant.

When did they decide to make a museum about Abraham lincions live?

The word is "Abraham Lincoln".

Who is the patriarchs in the word?

Abraham, Isaac, Jacob.

Has Abraham Lincoln said a bad word?

Absoloutly NOT!

How come Abraham did not have a middle name?

Abraham Lincoln or another Abraham? Anyway, he did have a middle name! Everyone has a First, midd., and last name. You just don't know it!!!

What is the meaning of the word Abraham?

According to the Bible (Gen.17:5) Abraham means Father of many nations

What was another saccomplishment Abraham Lincoln did while he was president?

Abraham Lincoln was in the civil war in which he convinced the north and the south to stop fighting

What is a word that starts with an m related to Abraham Lincoln?


What was Abraham Lincoln first word Answercom?

Da Da

What is the Hebrew word for dentist?

How does Abraham make his coffee? Hebrews it

Why was Abraham a Hebrew?

The word "Hebrew" comes from the Hebrew word "Avar", which means to cross, or to pass. Abraham crossed the Jordan river on his way the Canaan, and so became the first Hebrew.