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stand up for them

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Q: What is another word for backing someone up?
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What is another word for sticking up for something?

standing up for something defending backing up

Another word for stuck up?

Another word for someone being stuck up is 'snob.'

Who is at fault when someone backs up in a parking lot to let another car out of parking space and ends up hitting a car behind who is backing out of a parking space?

Depends on the jurisdiction, but typically, two vehicles backing up is a 50/50.

How would you know someone is backing up rather then braking?

If they were backing up, they would be going backwards... If they were braking, they wouldn't be going anywhere......

What is another word for someone who pumps some else up?


Who is at fault in Washington state where a vehicle is backing out and is almost completely out when another car hit the car backing?

Fault here would likely be shared. On the one hand, the driver backing really has no legal right to the lane they are backing into - you cannot cut someone off while you are backing up. But it seems you have described a situation in which the individual backing was well into the backing process when someone came along, from quite a distance, and hit them. Hence the driver in the lane already probably had the last clear chance to avoid the accident but chose not to and would hence bear the majority of the fault.

Who is at fault when a vehicle is backing up to park crosses a drive through lane and collides with another vehicle?

Most likely the the vehicle doing the backing up would be at fault.

What is the difference between manually backing up your files and backing up your files automatically?

By backing up Manually one would have to do it yourself correctly every time "by hand", while automatically you insert your desired settings into Windows or another backup software to do it for you for as long as you want.

Who is fault is it if you backed in to another car that had no tail light and you couldn't see them because of it?

If your backing up, your automatically in the wrong as far as the police and insurance company is concerned. Its up to the person backing up to make sure that it is safe, even if another driver is moving to fast tail lights are broken.

What is the ancestral method of file back up works?

Will Someone Answer This Question!!!!! I Love You Georgia XD The ancestral method is a way of backing up data. It creates regular backups from a suitable backing storage. There is the son, the father and the grandfather. The son is the most recent created back up. After another back up is made, it becomes the father and so on. When you have a grandfather back up file and another back up file is created, it is deleted. This means that if the original file was lost or corrupted, it has three backup files to use.

What does the phrase if you're wating on you you're backing up mean?

The phrase "If you're waiting on me, you're backing up" is typically a response when one (Andrew) asks another (Ben) if they are ready to go.Ben responds with "If you're waiting on me, you're backing up" because he is already going (or ready to go) and if Andrew waits for him (stands still) he is essentially backing up. The logic from this is related to distance between two objects. Andrew standing still (0) and Ben moving forward ten feet (+10) equates to the same distance as Ben standing still (0) and Andrew moving backwards ten feet (-10).Conclusion: If someone says to you "If you're waiting on me, you're backing up" they are ready to go and want you to get moving also.

What is another word for shut up?

Another word for shut up is Insturd