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Another word for brand new is pristine.

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Q: What is another word for brand new?
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Is brand- new compound word?

Yes, "brand-new" is a compound word. It is formed by combining the words "brand" and "new" to create a single, hyphenated term.

What is opposite of word brand new?


What is the opposite of word brand new?


How the word brand came and its history?

The word brand comes from the latin word Brand which means fire. (which is where people get branding livestock from) it got it's meaning of something new because when swordsmen made swords, they would say it's brand new! (which ment 'fresh from the fire') so that's where we get "Brand-New car!" or something like that because it's 'Fresh from the fire!"

What 2012 song has the word habibi in it?

Brand New Day

What are some song titles containing the word new?

brand new key by melanie

What new popular song has the word habibi repeated on the chorus?

Brand New Day by Massari

What is an adjective for the word clean and new?

Depends on the meaning you want -- brand-new, unused, fresh, shining bright ... as in a brand-new tee shirt, an unused envelope, a fresh dawn

What word is halfway between old and new?

The word "antique" can be considered halfway between "old" and "new". It suggests an item that is not brand new but also not extremely aged.

Need a sentence with the word acquire?

I would like to aquire a brand new automobile

What is another word for addition that starts with a n?

Another word for addition which starts with the letter N is New.

What is another word for a new country?