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What is another word for caucus?


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A caucus is a meeting of supporters or members of a political party or movement.

Meeting would be another word for caucus.


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yes, here it is: This is a sentence using the word caucus.

I asked the caucus for their opinion on a matter of law.

According to my research the word "caucus" comes from the language Algonquian. Thank you so much answers by Dina Galal

In politics, the word "caucus" refers to a group of elected politicians who are members of the same political party. In a parliamentary system of government, the members of a caucus usually sit together in the assembly in a group.

"Caucasion"From the regions of the Caucus Mountains in Europe.

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what is the role of "party caucus"?

I caucused for Barack Obama. What does your state have, a primary or a caucus? Many people say old grandmas and caucuses are old and outdated. Will you attend the caucus tomorrow?Ace__Definition: A meeting in which members of a political party choose their party's candidate for president or decide policy................The members of the party who served in congress would hold a closed caucus.

The legislative group was holding a caucus.

no there are only thirteen states that caucus

The Iowa Caucus is the first and most widely publicized caucus today.

Well, there was the Iowa Caucus, then the Wyoming caucus (but the news didnt seem to care about that one) and then the new hamshire caucus, but im not sure which one was the most recent

While Peter sat at home completing his seventh-grade homework, his mum and dad attended a political caucus in support of their politics.

The first state caucus was held in Ohio.

None it was a Republican caucus.

The term 'caucus' can be used as both a noun and a verb, and absolute secrecy is a part of neither.As a noun, a caucus is a group of officials with similar interests and goal, such as the Congressional Black Caucus, the Iowa Republican Caucus, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, or similar.As a verb, the term "to caucus" is when these groups meet and vote, with voting procedures ranging from secret ballot, to a show-of-hands, to a voice-vote.

It Is the first state to host a Caucus for the election season The significance of the Iowa caucus is to determine which way the fundamentalist will go.

Iowa is the first caucus, which is held in January.

LGBT Equality Caucus was created in 2008.

Democratic Representative Caucus ended in 2002.

Democratic Representative Caucus was created in 2001.

Whether a state has a presidential caucus actually depends on the government. Some states will have a primary and some will have a caucus

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