What is another word for coagulate?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Clot, coalesce, solidify, congeal, set...

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Q: What is another word for coagulate?
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What is a sentence using the word coagulate?

His blood took longer to coagulate as his platelet levels were low.

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How can you use the word coagulation time in a sentence?

The eggs will coagulate once they are fried.

What is coagulate radio and how is functioning?

What is coagulate? What is it used for?

Sentence using coagulate?

Egg whites coagulate when they are cooked.

What is the meaning of coagulate?

Coagulate is the medical term meaning "to clot."

What does the root mean in the term of anticoagulant?

Well let me try to answer this one. Coagulant is from the word coagulation; which means the process of blood clotting. So the word in whole is something that prevents blood from clotting; or root word being coagulant(blood clotting). Hope that helps? The verb is coagulate and probably the other forms of the word stem from the verb. Coagulate means: (of a fluid, especially blood) change to a solid or semi-solid state. adjective - coagulable noun - coagulation / coagulate / coagulator adjective - coagulative

Does olive oil coagulate at low temperature?

Yes - if it is 100% olive oil it will coagulate at a low temperature.

Milk does not coagulate on boiling but colostrum coagulate?

Mature milk contains whey protein and casein which do not coagulate n heating but coagulates with acidity( adding lemon ), however colostrum contains a high amount of lactoglobulin, to provide immunity to the newborn which makes the milk coagulate on heating.