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Socialist This is about the only alternative to "communist" because basically, communism is complete socialism.

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Whats another word for communist?


What is another word for Oligarchy?

Oligarchy may include theocracy and communist regimes.

Is communist a verb?

No, the word communist is an adjective, a word that describes a noun, and a noun, a word for a person who holds communist beliefs or is a member of a Communist party. The term 'communist beliefs' uses the adjective communist to describe the noun beliefs.

Does community come from the word 'communist'?

It is actually the other way round, the term "communist" does come from the word community.

How do you say communist in German?

The German word for communist is Kommunist.

What is a sentence for the word communist?

The China we think of today is communist.

What is a sentence using the word communist?

Russia was communist nation. Currently Cuba is communist nation.

Another name for the communist revolution?

The communist revolution was also known as the Bolshevik revolution.

If you are not communist can you hang out with your friend if they are communist?

It's not really good if you hang out with your friends are communist. Try to have another friends is the best thing you can do !

The antonym for the word entrepreneur?


What is the root word of communist?


What is another name for a capitalist economy?

Another name of capitalism is "communist"

Another name for communist revolution?

The Bolsheviks

What is another name for communist?

Marxist, Red,

What is another name for a communist system?

another name for a communist system is a pedolusis system, they're both the same things and most federal systems have them

What is the explanation for the purpose of political cartoons?

To make you a Communist or to another political agenda. Usually to the Communist way.

What is a four letter word for communist?


What was another name for the communist army?

Red Army.

What is another name for a communist government?


What is another name for the Bolshevik revolution?

Another name is the October Revolution or the Communist Revolution.

What does American think of the Vietnamese Communist?

Just another nation.

Another word for introduce?

another word for introduce another word for introduce another word for introduce

Another term for a Russian Communist?

Soviets, Red Army, Commies

What is another word for the word wedding?

Another word for wedding is Marriage. Another word is Matrimony

Another word for provide?

another word for provide another word for provide

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