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There is another word for dinner that some people use. Supper can either be used in place of the word lunch or dinner.

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Another word for a grand dinner?

Feast, lavish dinner are some alternate wordings for grand dinner

What is another word for Fancy supper?


Another word for a meal at noon?

DINNER!Another answer:Lunch or luncheon.

What is another word for dinner that rhymes with bowl?


What is another word for a birds dinner?

Seeds and berries

What word means the same as feast?

another word for feast is: big dinner

What is another word for supper?

it means to make dinner or food

What is another word you can use instead of supper?

dinner evening meal

What is another word for Dinner that starts with a T?

There is a French term for dinner that starts with a 'T', and that is 'Table d'hote'. (tobbla dote)

Is after dinner an adverb?

No, the word dinner is not an adverb.The word dinner is a noun.

Does the word dinner in Thanksgiving dinner have to be capitalized?


What is another word for a posh dinner party begins with B?

Black Tie affair.

What does the French word for dinner mean?

The french word for dinner means dinner. Did you want to know what the french word for dinner is? Dîner - this is a masculine noun in the french language.

What is another word used instead of after?

following. ex. Immediately following the dinner will be wine and dessert.

What is another name for a dinner jacket?

There is a six (6) letter word for it. It is called a tuxedo.

Spanish word for dinner?

Cena is dinner-

Is the word dinner a noun?

Yes, the word 'dinner' is a noun, a word for the main meal of the day, a word for a thing.

Where did the word 'dinner' come from?

It comes from the French word "dîner."

How can you use the word dinner in a sentence?

Will you have dinner with me? They enjoyed a lovely dinner for two.

What is another word for 'fast ender'?

Any word indicating food will work: food, snack, lunch, dinner. You break your fast when you eat.

What is another term for snail eggs?

dinner. easy, yummy dinner!

What is the word origin of the word dinner?


Is dinner a thing noun?

Yes, the noun 'dinner' is a word for the main meal of the day, a word for a thing.

Is dinner time one word?

No. "Dinner time" is two words.

What is the Kannada word for 'dinner'?

In Kannada we would say Bhojana.

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