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What is another word for explorer?


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Another word for explorer could be traveler, voyager, or adventurer.


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Explorer, tourist, voyager.

voyager, tourist, explorer, globetrotter, holidaymaker

Some synonyms for researcher are: inquirer investigator explorer

The Greek for "explorer" is εξερευνητής.

One word could be adventurist. Another could be explorer. One more could be traveler.

it is a program on a computer. (Enternet Explorer, Google chrome, and firefox are all applications.)

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Explorator means an explorer

Pocahontas was a famous explorer and she met another famous explorer named John. I hope this helps... =)

To terminate explorer run - "taskkill /im explorer.exe"To start explorer, run - "explorer"

An explorer is a person who explores. Here are some sentences.The explorer traveled all over the world.That country was discovered by mistake when an explorer thought he had sailed to another area.You can be an old explorer, or a bold explorer, but you won't be an old, bold explorer.

Pioneer is a synonym for explorer. It begins with the letter p.

Sure. "The explorer explored the wilderness. Unsure if what he'll find."

エクスプローラ Explore

Note: Internet explorer better than another browser.

Besides an explorer, he was a sailor, soilder and navigator.

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He was an audacious explorer.

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Admiral Richard Byrd was a famous explorer of the arctic regions. The dentist uses a pointed instrument called an explorer to examine teeth. Solution: If you have only internet explorer. then no need set. if you have another browser then you can set default browser internet explorer. from add/remove program.

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